Civil War trivia

Which general turned down the offered command of the Army of the Patomac, and it cost him his life in his next engagement?

That would be Albert Sydney Johnston, who died at Shiloh.

The more interesting question is, Why was John Bell Hood so stupid???

Sorry, p-whatever:), wrong. IIRC, Johnson survived Shilo. And the Army of the Potomac wasn’t involved there anyway.

That would be General Reynolds, he was killed at Gettysburg.

Right, HTB. Ok,how about this. Stonewall Jackson gets his nickname from the quote " There stands Jackson like a stone wall, rally behind the Virginians!" Who said it?

Actually, Albert Sidney Johnston died the first night of Shiloh- he took a bullet in the leg, and his staff was so horrified and befuddled no one thought to apply a fricking torniquet so he bled to death.

And the Army of the Potomac was the name for Joseph Johnston’s (Confederate) force around Harper’s Valley, which joined up with Beauregard’s Army of the Shenandoah to fight the (Union) Army of Virginia at First Bull Run/Manassas. Well after the battle, the Army of the Potomac and the Army of the Shenandoah were merged and called the Army of Northern Virginia; the Union Army of Virginia was re-organized and re-named the Army of the Potomac. So while we think of all the Eastern battles as being fought between a Union Army of the Potomac and a Confederate Army of (Northern) Virginia, at First Bull Run it was reversed.

Brigadier General Barnard Bee.
As for the trivia question I asked, I’ll let it sit a while longer for more guesses.

Sorry, John, I don’t know the answer. And you’re right, I got my Johnsons confused. I Know Joe was around later in the war. Hmmmm You seem to be better at this than me :wink:

Now, my trivia question- which Confederate General, and which Union General, had the most horses shot out from under them during the course of the war?)

Am pretty sure it was Forrest on the Confederate side,7 horse’s I think- don’t know the union general

Sorry it took so long for the answer- I’ve been sick the last few days.

Anyways- the Confederate general who had the most horses shot out from under him was Nathaniel Bedford Forrest, having 29 horses shot out from under him. The Union general was William Tecumseh Sherman, who had a meager 5 by comparison.