Civil War trivia

I enlisted as a private. Within a year I was a General. I was the most feared General by the “other side”. One General even put a price on my head.

Who am I?

Was it Custer?

No. Good guess though.

I was a calvary officer. I had no formal military training. I led my men from the front, not from the rear. I had several horses shot out from under me.

Nathan Bedford Forrest

Well done hardhead! The man was a genius at strategy.

Next question…
In which battle did a US General hide out in a pig sty?

First day of Gettysburg

You are too good…Actually he spent all three days…

Next question…
Only one one many was tried…convicted…and sentenced for war crimes after the civil war. Who was he? His crime? His sentence?

Don’t remember the name, but it was a Gemanic name. He was the commandant of Andersonville and he was executed

The General in the sty was Alexander Schimmelfennig.

Hard to get one by you! His name was Henry Wirz. You are correct on the others.

Next question.
Grant’s wife, Julia Dent, had a cousin who was a CSA General. Name him.

Anyone else please feel free to join in.

Longstreet, but this thread is turning into a MPSIMS quickly.

sam…why is history mindless and pointless?

Because you are asking questions you already knoiw the answer to. Now, off the MPSIMS with you!!!

Because you know the answers to the questions you are posting.

AH! My first simulpost.

Fear Was it as good for you as it was for me?

So many virgins. So little time.

Reeder- While I’m always interested in history, and especially the Civil War, this thread really is in the wrong place. I’m gonna go ahead and move this over to MPSIMS- General Questions is a place for questions you don’t know the answer to.
(Now, my trivia question- which Confederate General, and which Union General, had the most horses shot out from under them during the course of the war?)

Confederate was the hypocondrical Stonewall Jackson

Sorry, Odie- 'twasn’t him.