Civilians pretending they're guarding recruiters

News report here about “Armed citizens guard recruiters after Tennessee shootings”.

This is a bad idea all around. First off: the recruiters already have an armed force responsible for protecting them. It’s called the police. Yes, I know that the police can’t stop every lunatic with a weapon. I also know that these lunatics with guns pretending they’re guarding the recruiters also can’t stop every other lunatic with a gun.

Next: How soon do you think it’s going to be when one of these “citizen guards” decides to flex his muscles/brandish his weapon/otherwise attempt/actually even take a shot at/kill someone who has legitimate business in the recruiter’s office (such business could even be applying for enlistment or commissioning) who just happens to fit the good American image that the “citizen guard” has.

This is not a display of American values. It’s a display of stupidity in America. And it’s dangerous.

Oh, I forgot to mention when I think some poor sod’s going to get shot for “not looking American enough”: before this next weekend’s over".

Im just trying to figure out who are all these people with so much free time?

I don’t know about other posters, but when I get home from work, I want to collapse on a bed, Im too exhausted to sit on a lawn chair in front of recruiting center intimidating anyone with slightly darker or more pigmented skin than me who like their white brethren of the same age set already was harboring second thoughts about stopping in to learn more about how they might serve their country.

Its worth noting from your like that the Marine Corps doesn’t really want these volunteer guards.

Also, like many if not most Arabs, the guy looked “white” so he probably could have walked right past these morons.

I wonder hos this is playing out in Texas with the fears there regarding Jade Helm. who knows? If we’re lucky, those two sets of lunatics will come together and destroy each other.

Sure hope that Sikh officer who has an exception to uniform policy doesn’t have to go into any of those places. You just know “citizen guard” is going to think* he’s up to something nefarious and “deal a blow for truth, justice, and the American way”.

*And, yes, it does gall me to use the term think for whatever’s going on those loons’ heads.

I read about this before I saw an pictures. When I did see the pictures it just affirmed what I was thinking.

I approve this Pitting.

I have given up arguing the point in some circles. It’s a horrible idea.

Damn, Monty - bigot much?

Bigotry against stupidity is no vice.

Hearts in the right place, other organs not so much.

Out of curiosity, did armed volunteers spontaneously show up in front of schools after Newtown?

I’m not implying anything, I’m just not aware if this is a thing that happens after mass shootings.

There were stories of a few guys putting on their old uniforms and standing outside of schools. Not armed as far as I recall. One of them was exposed as a case of Stolen Valor.

Of course the fear here is that this is part of an organized ISIS strategy. The shooter obviously had sympathies in that direction. There was the reported Tweet from ISIS as it was happening (I didn’t see if that was confirmed). After Newtown there was some concern about crazy copycats. After Chattanooga there is concern about crazy copycats and organized terrorism.

I heard this on NPR yesterday. The interviews with these so sincere sounding individuals made me laugh (not in a good way). They were people just looking to be victimized by the whole thing, and I have to wonder what they are thinking-- there are Islamic sleeper cells all over the country just waiting to take up arms against military recruiters?

A bunch of yahoos milling around in parking lots with guns… what could possibly go wrong???

Some dumbass suggested it but it was almost universally seen as a bad idea, except among the gun nuts*.

*FTR, I don’t consider most gun owners gun nuts.

Sorry, in general police are not guards, they are crowd control, law enforcement [you know, parking tickets, citations for loud parties, minor incedents like spouse fights and investigation AFTER a crime has happened. They do not go and act as body guards in the grand scheme of things.

They more or less developed from night security guards hired by a community to go around and shake doorknobs and chase away undesireables, and stand around at the city gates checking the people coming in.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent armed posses to protect schools after Newtown, unfortunately some of the posse members had criminal records including at least one with a record of sex crimes against children.

Never. This won’t happen.

Let me guess: You’re also one of those anti-gun people who assume that legalizing concealed carry will result in wild west style shootouts in grocery store parking lots?

No. It’s not. It might be somewhat stupid, but it’s not dangerous because no one will get hurt.

Also, don’t start sentences with the word “and”. That’s the real danger.

Want to make a bet?

Seriously, I’ll put money up that this won’t happen if you want to.

It’s also interesting that you seem to be convinced that gun owner = racist. That’s false, of course.

Which is false? That all gun owners are racists, or that Monty implied that all gun owners are racist?

Because they seem to have a roughly equal truth value from where I’m sitting.

The photos in the article go a long way towards perpetuating unfortunate stereotypes. The people in most of those pictures look deeply unfit and completely unready to deal with crisis situations. Their intentions may be good, but by the time they’ve dropped their flags and/or leapt out of their chaise loungers, shit would already have gone down.

I suspect a week or two of loitering around in the rain, heat, and bugs while absolutely nothing happens will reduce their presence greatly.

You seem to be unaware that police are also involved in this nifty activity known as crime prevention.

Let me point out the obvious: You are wrong. I’m not anti-gun.

I see the likelihood of someone getting hurt rather high with an untrained, unregulated armed mob–and that’s exactly what they are–as John Mace put it, "milling around parking lots.

I think I’ll go with my knowledge of both Linguistics and the English language over your prescriptive stance.

I don’t bet. Again: I see the likelihood of someone getting hurt or killed greater now with those “yahoos milling around in parking lots with guns”.

It’s interesting to me that you presume to dictate English usage when you evidently cannot correctly parse the written word.

They mean well, and if people shut up about it, they’ll go home soon.

OTOH, why our *military *can’t carry guns is silly.