CKDexterHaven, is that you in the acknowledgments of Orson Card's 'Shadow Puppets'?

If so, what kind of suggestions did you provide to OSC?

I was going to ask the same question before deciding that it might be uncomfortable for CK. Im not sure if OSC actually got permission to do this but I was slightly disturbed by the fact that he included both a real name and a screen name. I think i would feel a serious breach of privacy if my Real name and Screen name were published in conjuction in a book selling millions of copies.

I assumed he got permission, but you are right that he may not have. I’ll email CK, and this thread may be deleted if they feel that’s best.

Thanks for noticing and for the concern, Revtim, but that’s not me, it’s some other person named CK Dexter Haven. It’s a fairly common name, after all, there are probably dozens of people coincidentally with the same name. There was a famous Philadelphia socialite by that name, too, but that’s another Story

Sez you, Vicki sweetcheeks.