Clarification Inside: Clearing the air and revealing PMs

First and foremost, let me just say that these are the facts of what happened, including the contents of all PMs. There is no embellishment. Just clearing the air. The steps are in chronological order. If you don’t care about this, I can appreciate that… why you would, I have no idea.

  1. I post the stupid joke list to MPSIMS.
  2. Oakminster calls it plagiarism.
  3. Instead of being public about it, I sent him a obscenity-laden PM. Because frankly, it pissed me off but I didn’t want it to be a public spectacle.
  4. I then see that twickster edited my original posting in the thread citing plagiarism and the thread was locked. No warning was issued at this point. I sent her a PM:
  1. At the time I was writing this PM to her, the initial warning was issued.
  2. twickster responded to me:
  1. At this point, I responded to the warning with “Shove it up your ass.” I’ll tell you why: I took her PM in #6 to say, “Shove your justification up your ass.” I chose to respond in kind, perhaps a little less eloquently.
  2. Figuring I was going to be banned anyway, I changed my e-mail address so something like “” because I didn’t want the world having my e-mail address. I didn’t re-verify the e-mail address.
  3. I then couldn’t post, send or receive PMs from regular users. I also couldn’t look up user contact information. But I could read everything, including PMs received from staff. I thought I was suspended or banned and didn’t think the e-mail change would cause this behavior.
  4. I then received the PM from TubaDiva:

Thankfully, I remembered TubaDiva’s e-mail address and we have a pleasant e-mail conversation over a two-day span that didn’t really amount to much in way of equitable resolution as far as I can tell.

  1. Then I find out that the initial warning was reversed and a new one is in its place. I received this warning from twickster. So, contradictory to what she told TubaDiva, she could send me PMs.

Since then, everything was public.

Needless to say, this isn’t the message board for me. I’ve asked TubaDiva to close my account because I don’t want to be tempted to post here. I certainly need to find something else to occupy my time. Anyway, she politely refused.

Well, take care all.

(By the way, Bryan Ekers, you’re really witty and intelligent, to go through the entire list to tell everyone how unfunny it is – I appreciate that. You’re officially the Champion of Humor and your post reminded me that I’m in the wrong place. Why someone would go through that much effort to insult someone who they’ve really had ZERO contact with, I really have no idea. Seriously, thanks for that reminder)

I was thinking just the other day that this issue needed yet another thread.

Look, Dud, you acted childishly and made a mess. Piling on more play-by-play analysis isn’t going to change that.

I hate this messageboard soooooooo much that I need to be banned to keep myself from posting.

Well, thank goodness that’s all clear now. I couldn’t handle the not knowing.

If your interpretation of this:

is genuinely this:

then your life must be very difficult.

I have no idea of the backstore though I gather it was Drama!!. Based on this thread alone, lemme tell you where you lost me:

Dude, it’s mighty hard to read “If you don’t state that it’s someone else’s work, you’re implying that it’s your own. Sorry, but this isn’t okay” and hear “Shove your justification up your ass.” Those sentences have nothing in common. Your response was not “in kind.”

So maybe a break is in order, at least until you can stop reading so much into what others are saying and overreacting on that basis.

Damn you Bosstone! :: Shakes fist ::

Don’t take any wooden nickels and write if you get work.

Hey, Dudley, shove your justification up your ass.

(Now, I wonder, could I be overreacting just the tiniest bit?

Naw, impossible.)

I honestly didn’t give a shit about any of the backstory. But now that I have all the juicy details…
Was this thread just an attempt to explain or to justify? Because if it’s the latter, boy did you miss it by a wide margin.

Door, ass, etc. You know the drill.

I thought I might give a shit about this thread when I opened it. Turned out I was wrong.

I liked it better when I knew nothing about this.

I think you’ve read too much into what Bosstone is saying, and are overreacting on that basis.

Just out of curiosity, at what point did you change your mind?


My apathy for this entire incident is palpable.

Who cares?

Dudley, I have no desire to get involved in your issues with Twix, but I feel the need to make a factual correction here:

No, she couldn’t. If you block PMs, then mods cannot send you PMs.

However, we have an automated system for handling infractions. When she issued you a warning, that infraction system sent you the PM.

Again, tempest in a teapot. Drama Queen badges handed out all around.

Why are we still talking about this? Why is anyone posting to this thread? Why am **I **posting to this thread? My god, maybe I should have myself banned for my own good!