Class act, Comcast (Robin Williams)

In an act of incredible generosity, Comcast has put up all the Robin Williams movies on demand. For a price. Wow, what a great tribute. :rolleyes: So all those movies that you could normally get for free are now a gimmick to make money off the guy’s death. Classy.

Life comes and goes, but profit is forever.

They have a reputation to protect.

They aren’t normally for free on my Xfinity.

So should Amazon give out the movies for free too? Comcast doesn’t own the movies, they have to pay to the studios to make them available, so you have to pay if you want to stream them.

Labrador, Comcast has both free and non-free sections. Non-free has some that are rentals only (basically like traditional PPV, just you control when it starts) and others that are “buy” (though how you would access those if you ever drop Comcast I dunno).

FYI- AT&T Uverse is doing the same thing, but I don’t think any of the movies were available for free prior to the “tribute” either.

Yeah, my kids wear out the free section. I don’t recall seeing any of his titles in the free section recently, though I’m sure one or two might have been. I know for a fact that most of them weren’t free a couple weeks ago.

ETA: just checked my Mom’s Uverse, and a few (Fisher King, Jumanji) of his movies are in the free section, so it doesn’t look like they moved anything over from there.

For profit company markets movies to rent they know people might be interested in for a limited period of time!

News at eleven!

No question that there were opportunities here to do something significant in a PR and good works way … designate all proceeds from rentals of these movies for X period of time to a suicide prevention or other mental health services program. They missed a chance to go above and beyond and get good press that would be more than worth the monies donated in the balance. But a company should not be faulted for failing to be better or smarter than is reasonably expected for a corporate structure to be. They missed a chance to excel but that is not the same as committing a fail.

Yeah, I know; it just seems cheesy on their part. I notice that every single series that won an Emmy is now for-pay-only, regardless of whether you want to watch season 1 or season 10. It will go away soon enough, but it’s annoying when you are already paying $250/month for premium service.

I remember when Whitney Houston died Sony took all of 20 minutes to raise the prices of her catalog.

Dying is almost always a great career move.

Totally mucks up your encore potential though. :slight_smile:

I noticed Netflix instant has a lot of his movies featured more prominently. I don’t consider that tasteless by any means, I understand why folks would want to see more of his movies now, and why Netflix would want to highlight them. But the screenshot they use for The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a picture of him which gives, to me anyway, the erroneous impression his role was more significant than a cameo. I can’t really call that wrong, but it’s misleading, at least.

Tell that to Tupac

On the other hand, borrowing Mr. Williams’ movies from my local library is still free - you might check with yours.

Holy crap, what do you get for $250? All movies and shows free all the time?

Probably a bundle with internet and or phone too.