Classic Nintendo Baseball Music Question

I’ve noticed that quite a few classic Nintendo baseball games contain background music that is a different arrangement of the same tune:

(wav files at links)
Bases Loaded (Jaleco, 1988)

Baseball Simulator 1.000 (Culture Brain, 1989)

RBI Baseball (Namco / Atari, 1987)

The theme is most ubiquitous in RBI baseball and I’ve heard it referred to as the “RBI Baseball theme”.

How did this song end up in so many games by seemingly different publishers and programming groups? Did the song itself have some connection with baseball in Japan in the 1980s?

No help? I’m left to wonder for another 20 years?

13 years later, i finally figured it out - it’s Dash KEIO, a traditional Japanese baseball fight song: 夢の早慶戦 in 甲子園 コンバットマーチvsダッシュ慶應 高校野球応援歌 ブラバン甲子園 - YouTube

I’m glad you solved it.

I don’t remember any of the games in the OP but we played the hell out of Tecmo Baseball. I remember it had an unusually bass-y soundtrack. I could hear it upstairs in my bedroom when my brother played downstairs.

You have included broken links, so I can’t hear the music.

Links worked 14 years ago. Since then, that university shut down that webserver, and I don’t work there no more, anyways.

I’m craving playing some NES right now so much, thank you very much. I do have a NES Classic but the games in the OP didn’t make it. I also wish Nintendo Golf was on there.

I still have the files but I can’t embed them in a post. I’ll see if I can find a place to upload them, instead.

Just as I was clicking on the first link I saw ‘Wav file’ and thought to myself ‘I haven’t seen a …oh this is going to be an old thread and these links aren’t going to work anymore.
I do find it amusing when I run across pre-youtube threads full* of links to wav and midi files. I was always surprised when an OP actually got a correct answer trying to ID a song with a self made midi file based on their memory of the song, their ability to ‘transcribe’ that memory and how good they are at making midi files. Plus the other posters’ ability to ID a song from a 5 second long clip that sounds like it was made on a toy piano.

I have that too. One of the reasons I never bothered with an NES emulator is because I grew up playing Nintendo and part of that was the controller. I had the NES Advantage and NES Max and always went back to the original controller. The mini NES almost feels like they used the original injection molds to make the shell. They feel identical to the ones I remember holding back in grade school.

*‘full of links’ might not be accurate. Relative to today, the internet was pretty small back then. There weren’t a whole lot of links to begin with.

Bases Loaded
Baseball Simulator 1.000
RBI Baseball


This thread would probably be a better fit for… Well, it could be the Game Room or Cafe Society, but it seems to be mostly about the music itself, so let’s call it CS.


You thought it would take 20 years and look, you solved it a mere 14 years later!