"Classic" version of Rock Me, Amadeus

I went to the iTunes[sup]1[/sup] store[sup]2[/sup] last night trying to get the version of Rock Me, Amadeus I remember from the 80’s - the version of the song the MTV video played - the version of the song in English which included a short spoken biography of Mozart.

The only versions I can find at the iTunes[sup]1[/sup] store[sup]2[/sup] are in German, and/or don’t have the bio of Mozart (there is a version which has a short bio of Falco).

Anyone know where I can legally get that song in MP3 format for my iPod? I want Falco’s estate to get whatever portion of the $0.99 they’re entitled to.

Because this is in Cafe Society, hey, how 'bout that Rock Me, Amadeus song, huh? Great mix of silliness and infectious rhythm. A real standout of commercially successful 80’s pop.

[sup]1[/sup]I fucking hate iTunes, which makes me hate Apple.
[sup]2[/sup]I fucking hate the iTunes store even more.

You may have trouble finding this, as there are ton of different versions:

Thanks for reminding me of this song. I loved it on MTV and it pops into my and my dad’s heads occasionally – I know 'cause we randomly start singing it.

For some songs, the official music video is available on YouTube, through a company called VEVO. Have you checked to see if the MTV version you remember is on YouTube?

I’m pretty sure you’re looking for the Salieri Mix version.

It doesn’t appear that this version is on iTunes or Amazon as a digital download, maybe it’s available on Google Play?

Here’s a link to a CD available for sale on Amazon for $20.

20 bucks for the one song you like… just like you’re in the 80s!

Hey, 2 songs: that album has Der Kommissar on it as well!

One can’t forget the version in Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off:

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius
…oooohhh Dr. Zaius

Then there is the “Rock me Jerry Lewis” version…


This is Falco’s original version, but in the US a much more popular & well known, rock-oriented cover of it was done by the band After the Fire. The music video is pretty stupid though. Classic 80s. Bunch of Euro-trash models looking stoned-out and vamping for the camera.

Of course, there’s always this too…

The narrated version is also available on this CD which is quite a bit cheaper:


Thanks for all the responses. Salieri Mix is the magic phrase I needed.

Yeah, but that doesn’t seem to include the Salieri Mix, which is, apparently, the one he is looking for. But who knows, maybe the Canadian Mix is actually the one he wants. Or it could be the Canadian/American Mix.


I guess. The version on that disk is this one,


which is definitely the one I remember on the radio in the American midwest during the 80s.