Classified Documents Found in Biden Private Office in November 2022 (January 9, 2023)

To keep investigations straight, I’m starting this thread.

Anyone think this will help? Jesus. :nauseated_face:

“Several classified documents from President Joe Biden’s time as vice president were discovered last fall in a private office, a source with knowledge of the matter tells CNN.
The National Archives has referred the matter to the Justice Department for further investigation, the source told CNN.
Biden’s lawyers found the government materials in November while closing out a Washington, DC-based office that Biden used as part of his relationship with the University of Pennsylvania, where he was an honorary professor from 2017 to 2019, the source said.”

Tell me this is CNN’s new rightward shift, and nothing substantive. Because otherwise, … Otherwise can wait for now.


Let’s please start a new thread for this. It’s nothing to do with the Mar-a-Lago investigation. Give me a thread title and I’ll move your post. Thanks.

How 'bout “Ruh-Ro, He Does It, Too!”

Try again. Let’s make it worthy of P&E, not the Pit.

I’m sure someone will start a thread about it. I’ll just drop it.

I guess that would be me.

Did anyone ask for the documents back? Even once? Has Biden already voluntarily returned them?

I don’t see this situation as analogous to Mar-a-Lago in any way. It should be investigated, sure, but we don’t even know if the documents were back-classified, as they were in the Hillary Clinton email mess.

I’m not surprised that garbage Republicans who worked to overthrow the 2020 election and who asked for pardons would try to create this kind of distraction. I hope we don’t fall for it as being equivalent to what Trump pulled, though.

Voluntarily returned to the National Archives according to what I’ve heard, but jeez oh Pete.

It sounds like no one ever requested them and Biden’s lawyers found them and turned them over properly. The documents’ even being there was probably inadvertent, not purposeful.

But damn, we didn’t need that. You know Trump and the GOP are going to milk this for all it’s worth.

If they didn’t have it to milk, they’d make shit up. All we can do is point out the differences between how Biden handled it and how Trump is handling it. Probably also the relative sensitivity of the documents. Intent matters. Inadvertence is not the same thing as willful intent to withhold.

If we don’t draw these distinctions, Republicans surely won’t.

There’s also the major distinction between political gamesmanship and actual legal consequences. If and when Trump is indicted, he can whine all he wants about “Biden did it, too”, it won’t make any difference. Biden wasn’t raided by the FBI on suspicion of lying and defying subpoenas.

No right wing voters are going to hear about the difference. That Trump did it purposefully and tried to keep/hide most of the documents he stole, even after multiple very courteous (ie, not hauled off to prison) requests to return them.

They won’t hear that, and some moderate voters may not, either. Oh, crap.

Of course the GOP will lie about it and make it sound worse than it is, too.

I predict that Democrats will attempt to hand-wave this away.

Aren’t you glad they only make up about 30% of the electorate?

They’re going to lie about it anyway. This is what the next 2 years is going to look like. Better get ready to defend your democracy at every turn.

Meanwhile there’s hints that Trump still has more documents, all of which he could have turned over the first time he was asked.

I see it like this…

Joe Biden was grocery shopping, bought a bunch of items and left. After he got home, he realized they forgot to ring up a bunch of bananas, so he went back to the grocery store, apologized, and paid for them.

Donald Trump went into the grocery store, took some things, hid them under his jacket, and walked out. He was caught and confronted with the shoplifting and defiantly claimed that they were his, he had walked in the store with them. The fact that they had price tags from the store were not relevant. When they were taken from him, he claimed that they stole his rightful property.

Of course, the right will claim that what Joe Biden did was just as bad, even worse somehow.

I guess you missed this part of my post.

No, your post was entirely reasonable. Other posters are already trying to downplay it. It was inadvertent, Trump still has documents, it’s like not being charged for bananas at the grocery.

I predict that Republicans will ignore the obvious differences between what Trump did vs what Biden did and claim that a failure to lock up Joe Biden immediately is poof that the FBI is biased against Republicans.