FBI Search and Seizure at Trump's Mar-A-Lago Residence (08-08-22)


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A federal district court has ordered that Trump’s lawyers must release the names of investigators whom they claim conducted searches for classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. Trump’s attorneys had previously said that they would make the investigators available for questioning, but insisted their identities be kept private.

The request for the investigators’ identities suggests there may be more classified documents to be found.

I’ll bet if they thought I had gov. docs they would want to talk to me personally, and I would have the right to have an attorney present. As the asshole always says: “It’s very unfair!”

Bigly unfair.

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Your personal opinion appears to be based on little of the currently known evidence about what Trump had/has at Mar-a-Lago.

This might aid your understanding:

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Here’s an article discussing the options for DOJ in prosecuting Trump with the added wrinkle of Biden’s documents now coming to light. They see three options:

  1. No prosecution, with the reasoning being that despite the differences in the case, the DOJ now has no way to prosecute Trump but not Biden without appearing political.
  2. Move forward with the “slam dunk” prosecution of Trump on possession of classified materials and obstruction of justice.
  3. Prosecute him only for obstruction of justice - not quite the slam dunk that the possession of documents count is, but it avoids some of the “but Biden did it too!” complaints while still holding Trump accountable for something.

Sure, the base will see politics no matter what happens, so it is tempting to just go for it all. But I can see the appeal of option 3 when you consider the middle.

Well, it really is the most offensive part of the fiasco. Having the documents is one thing, lying and refusing to return them quite another.

I’ve got a piece of monopoly money that says he’s never charged in the documents theft.

Seems obvious to me - go forward and prosecute Trump. Prosecute Biden too if there’s any intentional wrongdoing. Who cares if Republicans cry foul? They will do so no matter what.

Honestly, I feel the same way, very strongly. “Don’t prosecute Trump because it might mean Biden would need to be prosecuted.” I say, if Biden needs to be prosecuted, do it. I supported him and still do, I voted for him enthusiastically. But if he did something wrong and criminal, then he should face justice, the same as anyone else.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, they’re just twice as wrong.

Fiat justitia et pereat mundus!
A well honed principle.
(Translation in case it is needed: Let justice be done even if the world goes to Hell!)

“That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.” (P.C. Hodgell)

Seems Garland is very sensitive to foul cries.

This very much so. Especially because, as currently constituted, the Republican party will go on to investigate and prosecute Biden for document possession as soon as they have a chance, and ignore Trump’s actions. Because they have taught their base the lesson “It’s not a crime if our side does it.” Zero concerns would be given at the hypocrisy, so might as well take the future bitter with the sweet of slamming the door on Trump.

We don’t know this yet. We’ll see.

Seriously. Is anyone saying anything else?

Robert Katzberg of Slate, in the article we have been responding to, is speculating that the DOJ is holding off on prosecution for fear that it will endanger Biden legally as well. So, my comment and that of others is in response to that speculation.

Well, that’s dumb. :blush: