Classify this music (too funny!)

Mundane? Yup.
Pointless? Sure.
I MUST share!

Faeries Aire and Death Waltz

Well, it sure doesn’t seem like a waltz, but the performance would be spectacular!

Heh, some of the phrasing looks like Philip Glass was involved…

I didn’t know Rube Goldberg was a composer.

That’s pretty cool, but check this out.

“Release penguins.” Hee hee.
Very nice, Cantara.

I believe that piece is played by slamming a 2x4 down on the keyboard.

Link in the OP is dead, but this one works.

Heh. Check the second-to-last measure:
Like a New Orleans concertina choir… continue “swimming” motion

My GoogleFu skills have revealed the second page.

Heh. And I just noticed that the clef changes on every line. :smiley:

No it doesn’t! Although your link seems to be to a string quartet, unlike the first page. (Hey, can’t I be irrationally-rational about this?)

“Remove cattle from stage.” Snicker.

Return to the Swarzenegger? :confused:

Move those chubby little fingers!! LMFAO! :smiley:

How many frogs does the Death Waltz require for each performance? Inquiring minds want to know! And, what’s a ‘cat handle’?

I wish the GarageBand synth had a “balance your chair on two legs” mode so I could know what this sounds like.