Anyone use it? I’m not sure I wanna pay $40/yr. for it. Also if I sign up and email someone, does it go to their REAL email or to their classmates online account (IE they’d have to login to classmates to access it)? I signed up last week and an old friend also signed up so I’m wondering if there is an easier way to find em?

I created an account on, but no way was I going to pay that stupid fee.

I’m not sure if the e-mail goes directly to their account. might send them a notice that they have an e-mail, and then they have to log in to the website to retrieve it.

As for finding your old friend, try googling their name if it’s not very common. Or if you know their state, try Yahoo People Search.

When you send an email through, it goes to the email the other person registered with. Your email address doesn’t show up though so you have to include it in your letter or they will have to pay to be able to respond to you.

Kathy, have you used the service before?

blasphmer, I’ve used it and successfully too. The biggest drawback that I can tell, is that the emails they send to alert people they someone is looking for them are EXACTLY like the ones they use for everything else… soliciting membership and updating your “who you are interested in finding” information. I almost never got the reply I was specifically hoping for because of that very problem. People get so used to their inboxes being inundated with that kind of crap, they just automatically delete anything from them.

Fortunately in my situation, my friend logged into their account and saw there that they had an email waiting. So it ended up being all good. But, I think that causes problems and the only solution, I suppose, is to go back every 60 days (after previous attempts have been purged) and try again.

Also, as stated, the emails go through classmates, so your address and theirs is never listed unless you, or they, advise. I hated logging into and out of their site to get my stuff, so as quickly as possible I gave an alternate source of contact status. Overall, if you’re wanting to simply see how old acquaintances are doing, I think $40 is a little steep. Unless, of course, you have tons of friends. On the other hand, if it’s for The One That Got Away, it could be the best money you’ve ever spent.

Guess it won’t surprise you then that I fall into the latter category. I’d definitely do it again in less than a heart beat. :wink:

Yes. I’m the chairperson for my upcoming 30 yr high school reunion so I’ve used it a lot.


I paid for a year and wasn’t impressed. Apparently an old boyfriend also paid and tracked me down, although he didn’t email me, I don’t think. He found me through my work. Honestly, after looking at the list of people from my class who registered, there aren’t any I’d want to see anyway.

But I still wonder what became of Craig T.

I used to plan our 30th Reunion in 2002, as well.
Had problems similar to what hopefool mentioned, but generally everything went okay. Got in touch with many old friends.
But I have since dropped the pay membership. The Classmates website is just way too predatory.

Maybe I’m just cynical, but it seemed like data mining to me. They perform a small service, and they get lots of info about you, which they can sell.

As useful as it’s been for contacting people, I sure don’t plan to continue to spend the money to maintain contact after the reunion is over.