This is too cool!

I’m sure many of you have heard of this website before, but’s it’s new to me:

They list high schools throughout the US and Canada, and have the names of anyone who has registered with them, listed by their name when they graduated, and the grad year. I actually managed to find someone I had lost touch with about 5 years ago and been unable to locate, as he had moved out of our home town.

I get to talk to Scott again! Woo-hoo!

That’s wonderful! The only thing I dislike about is that you have to pay to actually get the e-mail addresses. I’d suggest checking a search engine and seeing if your old school has an alumni site first.

YAY, KimKatt!!

tatertot, agreed. But my highschool doesn’t. For me, in this case, it was worth it to contact him again. And hey, if I’m lucky, perhaps some other old friends will show up too.

So why don’t they have secondary education schools in Switzerland? :frowning:

Have you reached your friend Scott yet?

I agree, it is worth the money if you can’t get it any other way. Perhaps you could start a site yourself? Or - a group from my high school formed a ring on, it doesn’t cost anything (don’t think) and you have to invite people to join. It’s amazing how many people you can track down that way, just by having them refer the people that they still keep in touch with, who contact the people that they keep in touch with.

Have you heard from Scott yet? I’ll bet he’ll be tickled pink to see your name in his inbox!

Kewl KimKatt. Thanks.

I have had Classmates for a while, I’ve discovered the following. ie: If your doing better than they are, they hesitate to contact you! If you are not doing as well as they are, they hesitate to contact you.

Or they are dead !!!

I apologize for the double post. But make a guess, am I doin’ better or worse? (considering my attitude) ???

  Fuck 'em all  !!!!!!!!!