Cleaning a CD/RW?

spooje’s stupid question of the day

Can you clean a CD/RW on a PC with one of those cleaning disks? I asked the kid at Best Buy, and he said ‘sure’. But I don’t think his mind was on it, or anything else I had to say either. Second question, even if it did no harm, would it do any good?
Thanks, in advance.

You are referring to the drive not a CD/DVD?


Will it do any good?

Are you sure it is dirty. Old enough to collect dust/lint on the lens?
Has performance sufferred?

If no, let well enough alone. Why tempt fate?

I’ve noticed a couple of skipps on burned CD’s where there were no skips on the source disk. Not a lot, just enough to make me think the lens mau be dirty.

They’ll work just fine, but be aware that a lot of the time CD drives are not recoverable once they start to get hinky, and new CDRWs can be had for $ 20 or so after rebate. Before I’d use a cleaning disk, I’d put the vacuum cleaner hose up to the edge of the open CD bezel, and see if there’s interfering dust you can pull out.