Cleanup's Useless Facts

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Post here scrap knowledge you have picked up that may not have any relation to anything serious in life, but you still find interesting. Here’s a few I have encountered:

The IRS employee tax manual has instructions on how to collect taxes after a nuclear war. Hopefully, the IRS will be gone by then.

Your blood travels over 12 000 miles per day. Take that, zoom-zoom kid.

If an octopus is hungry enough, it will eat its own arms.

The calories present in a bagel with cream cheese could power an electric toothbrush for 52 hours 20 minutes. Hey, diet, AND whiten your teeth.

The average shower uses 30 gallons of water.

Coca-Cola was originally green, due to the high concentration of cocaine in it, until the company was sued for mass production of a controlled substance. Caffeine to the rescue. By then the company had already made enough money to pay for the lawsuit, and probably enough money to hospitalize and rehabilitate all the people they destroyed.

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The Alphabet song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star follow the exact same tune.

Milk gives cats diarreha.

Some pilots in WWII were issued cans of asparagus. The reason was, that if they ever crash landed on an island or near a body of water they were supposed to eat the asparagus and pee in the water. Apparantly some chemical is created in the process and it turns your piss into fishbait.

That sounds like a combination of this Snopes article and this one. Basically…the cocaine one is true, the green one is not.

Gasp! You’re lowering my self-esteem, Lsura (am I supposed to bold that? People seem to do that here). You get a cookie. A green one.

I’d rather have green eggs and ham. :wink:

“Your blood travels over 12 000 miles per day. Take that, zoom-zoom kid.”

Now if that was your blood as a whole then that = 500 miles per hour.
If it is your blood (in parts) then the snumber of red blood cells is 6000000 per microliter would make the value much higher. So how is this value of 12000 miles per day dirived?

Ask the newspaper.

Maybe I seem retarded, but where’d you get 500 miles per hour from?

Here’s a stumper - how do you show what bold tags look like in a sdmb thread without them ‘activating’

oh. and the OP - Here is my completely life-altering knowledge

Here’s how…


do a reply to this post to see what I had to type to get that

You do seem retarded, I’m afraid; it’s simple division. If your blood travels 12,000 miles in a day, then it travels 12,000/24 miles an hour.

Somehow I assumed miles per day as miles per hour.

Sorry 'bout that.

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Unfortunately, I was unable to post a screenshot to describe this, but this is what you typed:

LeftBracket/B/Right Bracket/LeftBracket/B/LeftBracket/B/RightBracket/RightBracket/LeftBracket/LeftBracket/Slash/B/RightBracket/Slash/B/RightBracket/LeftBracket/Slash/B/RightBracket

That oughta be right.

I came this [sub]<makes tiny gap with finger and thumb>[/sub] close to posting the following into MPSIMS…

Title - Warning. (Warning - Warning)

Body - Warning.

Because technically it made sense (I have a thread called warning, in which there is a warning, and I warned people that there was a warning in the body.)

But I knew it would not go down well. I compromised and explained it here. Which is arguably more pointless.

I have a feeling that I will sink to record levels of mundanity tonight. dopers beware.

Assuming ‘mundanity’ is a real word

I am sorry people, but I love gramatical/literary irony, even if it is stupid. Things like “Do not read this sign”

Now you want me to compose a post which manages to show how I did that??!:eek:
(picture a large mess of ']'s and '['s and 'b’s and a man with a strained expression… for several hours)
Do not tempt me! I am in danger of trying.

Lobsang, mind telling me if I was right or not? :slight_smile:

scratch that last post.

Cleanup you’ll probably wish you hadn’t asked but since there are 24 hours in a day then
12000 miles per day = 12000/24 miles per hour = 500 miles per hour

Ah newspapers not always too great on facts, though as they say over 12000 miles per day, and if you are counting the distance traveled by each red blood cell per day * the huge number of red blood cells the number would be much larger than 12000. So though not wrong this is a bit like saying the distance to the moon is greater then 2 miles, and if you do some research on this you might be able to change your sig to contain a much more impressive number you calculated yourself :slight_smile:

Checking the web I find this page lists a blood speed of 36.6 m/s which on conversion gives a quite respectable 80.5 miles per hour.

If you would like to know, the way I figured it out was I simply pressed the “Quote” button on your post, which gave me the exact coding.

In other words, I can’t be wrong, unless I made a typo. Which I didn’t.

And how do you like my new sig, Bippy?