Clear language from the Mods when giving warnings

In the future can we please have clear and precise language from the mods when they are giving a warning.

Jonathan Chance said this:

“You’ll get a warning”

the words “you will”, to me, implies a future tense as in, “you will get a warning next time.”

According to Colibri, “you will” implies a present tense as in, “you just got a warning”.
Since I obviously misunderstood what the words Jonathan Chance used; in the future can we please have clear and precise language so that we are all on the same page.

Thank you for your time.

It’s a bit ambiguous, I agree but on the whole, I think if I saw that comment on it’s own, I’d interpret it as meaning they are getting a warning now with the option open for further sanctions should they continue doing whatever it is they are doing.

But I agree it’s clunky and “You get a warning (now) and anything further may lead to suspension.” would have been a little clearer.

That might have been a bit clearer. However:

  1. Jonathan Chance actually did issue a warning through the automated system. BrightNShiny received a PM notifying him of the warning, and it appeared in the “infractions” section of his profile. BrightNShiny was well aware it was a warning.

  2. When Johnathan Chance posted an announcement of BrightNShiny’s suspension, he stated that the post in question had received a warning,

  3. The warning was for a clear violation of the Great Debates rule against accusing other posters of lying. This was definitely a warnable offense. If Jonathan had not issued one, it would only have been because he was being lenient.

In short, a moment’s thought would have made it obvious that a warning had been issued when it was linked to in the suspension announcement.

He would only know he had received a warning when he looked at his PMs.

No other observer would know that. Some folks might like to know this gets you a “cool it” vs this gets you an actual warning.

And to me “You’ll get a warning” doesn’t mean you are getting one or just got one.

He probably could have figured it out just by reading Jonathan’s post. If he had some doubt he could have checked his PMs.

As I said, the post clearly violated a well known GD rule. The only reason it wouldn’t have received a warning was leniency by the moderator.

Then if you see that, check your PMs. :wink:

In that case he would have a notification at the top of the page advising him that he had a new PM.

You also receive a notification by email if you receive a PM, unless you turn this option off. (Obviously, if you want to be sure you don’t miss notification of a warning, you shouldn’t turn it off.)

You kind of have to work at it to miss the fact you received a warning.

You can also opt to get a pop-up notification when you receive a PM.

Note that if you are one of those folks who uses a script blocker, the script blocker will prevent this popup from popping up. You can enter an exception in your script blocker’s configuration to allow the SDMB to get around this problem.

Moderators are clear enough to the people who are clear on the rules.

In keeping with the interests of 99% of Dopers all warnings will now be accompanied with the phrase “That’s a paddlin.”

Actually, we’re working on accompanying a warning with a mild shock sent through your keyboard but that’s still on the drawing board. Also a blaring airhorn.

Oh, gods. You’ll make me go deaf! :wink:

Well, to help we’ll have the ‘higher voltage, lower volume’ option for our more troublesome posters.

The voltage goes up with each warning.

I just have this vision of Drunky Smurf being pulled over for a traffic violation, and the officer saying “you’ll get a ticket”. And Drunky Smurf, exquisitely attuned to the nuance of the future tense, cheerfully waving and driving away.

It’s just an image that came to mind. Take it for what it’s worth. :slight_smile:

Here’s what JC posted:

I would interpret that as you will get a warning [for this offense] and if you do it again you’ll probably be suspended.

It probably would have been better to say “that gets you a warning”, but I still think it’s pretty clear. And if he gets a PM telling him has gotten a warning, then it’s 100% clear.

Mild? Nobody told me mild.

I need to go back and change some things in the design.

Pure fantasy, as I’m sure he has never nor would ever violate traffic.

This is a wonderful idea! Except…oh, wait, I get periodic warnings and that would be embarrassing and painful. So, no…bad idea! :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I don’t see an issue. I always know when I get a warning, even if I stopped following the thread in question. I get a PM and an email. That’s pretty much sufficient notice for me to lighten up and stop being such an ass.

This wouldn’t be an issue if warning posts were highlighted, like they are on some other vBulletin systems. Here I think you only see it if you get warned.

I also don’t agree that you need the popup. Just seeing that bold number at the top is enough. That’s why I shut off the popup and the email. I don’t need to until the next time I check the site, anyways.

I do wish they were separate from the PM system, though. It’s not fun seeing that number and wondering what you might’ve done before clicking and finding out it’s just a PM.