BrightNShiny's suspension

In this thread:

Jonathan Chance claimed he/her was suspended because of accruing 3 warnings in 3 months. Yet the third link has no warning. (It would be nice if you guys linked to the actual warning instead of the post.)

The third link goes to this post.

and the only mod response to it, that I can find, is this post from Jonathan Chance:

where there is no actual warning, just a threat of a warning for future similar posts.

So what are the mods response to this new information?

I have nothing but admiration for the tireless efforts of the **Drunky Smurf **Innocence Project.

You’ve misinterpreted that post. “You’ll get a warning” means that Jonathan Chance was issuing a warning for it immediately, not for future posts of that nature. The warning was issued, and shows up in BrightNShiny’s profile (which only he and the staff can see), so he knew it was a warning.

For the record, BrightNShiny received a fourth warning within the past six months.

It’s not new information, and I have no idea why you would think it is. In any case there is no “magic number” of warnings that will get you suspended. Since this thread is based on a false premise, I’m closing it.

If you have an actual complaint about the warnings, you may open a new thread. But make sure your information is correct first.