Clear vs yellow urine

OK… has anyone else noticed this?

I mentioned this to my girlfriend, and she concurred with my observation, so I’m brave enough to share it with the world.

When I really, really gotta go to the toilet, it seems that my urine is generally clear. The volume may not be hight, but the urge to go is. Otherwise, when I just gotta go, cuz it’s been 12 hours since I last went, my urine is yellow. The volume is much higher, but the urge is less.

Has anyone else noticed that when ya really gotta pee, your urine is clear? It is almost unfailing with me. Now my question is, why the heck does this happen. I mean, I can tell with almost 100% accuracy what color my urine will be depending on what the urge feels like.

I know it’s weird, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s noticed this…

Sad to say, it’s fairly common knowledge, not a Nobel Prize-worthy discovery. That’s why the doctor always wants “morning urine” for a complete physical, because it’s less diluted.

It’s all about how much fluid you’re drinking. If you drink a lot of fluid, your bladder fills up and you have to pee before you have a chance to generate much waste material (urea?). If you don’t drink much fluid, your urine will be darker.

It’s better for you to drink lots of fluid, and have light/clear urine. If your urine is very dark, you’re probably slightly dehydrated, which is bad for you. (I’m prone to dehydration, so I know these things.)

Unless, of course, you have some sort of pathological condition of the kidneys or liver, in which case it might be dark because of that.

Ok, the dilution thing has occurred to me, but what bugs me is that the quantity of fluid in my bladder is not necessarily indicative of my urge to go. In other words, if my urine is clear, it seems to me that my urge is greater even if I pee two decis of the clear stuff versus a half liter of the yellow liquid. Perhaps you surmise it’s simply in my head, as I’ve never actually taken samples and done a volume comparison, but it seems to me that regardless of volume, clear urine gives me a more immediate urge.

Well, yes, not exactly Nobel Prize material we have here.
As long at it aint red, youll be fine.

If your urine is clear, it is very dilute, and you’re producing it rapidly, probably under the influence of excessive water, caffiene, alcohol, or water pills. This expands your bladder rapidly, which increases your urgency.

If your urine is darker, it is much less dilute, your kidneys are producing it much more slowly, which dilates your bladder slowly. Less urgency.

Hoping they make urination a Nobel Prize category,
Qadgop, MD

Well, part of the reason why your urine is darker when you haven’t peed in a while is because urine is the way that your body rids itself of excess nitrogen. Urea is also used by sharks to regulate their salt ratios with the surrounding water. [don’t ask me how, i learned all this in ecology.]