"Clearing House" For (Seemingly) Random Shootings/Killings?

First off, I know I’m probably asking something which should be obvious, but that, as y’all know, is how I “roll” these days.:slight_smile:

So basically, what I am asking is: Are these occurrences being tracked in terms of any similarities (too numerous to list, but y’all know what I mean, right?)?

This isn’t “conspiracy theorizing” (at least to me, it isn’t). I’m just wondering, since this stuff is happening so damn OFTEN, what we may not be “seeing”, and is someone, somewhere “seeing” things which would have any impact as to cause and effect?

This Thanksgiving killing http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2009/11/29/2009-11-29_florida_police_issue_warrant_for_paul_michael_merhige_in_thanksgiving_shooting_t.html is just heart-breaking and sickening.

They arrested the guy today, but that’s the latest link I could find.



Your definition of often is subjective.

Are these happening more often than before or less often? - define “before”.

There is a federal database of crimes above a certain level and type of crime. It is analyzed. More details/specifics, I don’t know. (look up UCR and NIBRS with the FBI)

I’m not sure I understand. Someone unexpectedly murdered some of his own family members. You’re wondering if there is some sort of database of killings? Tracking who did it, stated reasons, assumed reasons, etc?

There may be some sociologist somewhere interested, but murders happen every day across the country. People are messed up. Why assume there is a pattern?

Sorry guys, I do the best I can, and I am sorry I don’t come across as succinctly as I should.


Are you thinking of something like VICAP?

ViCAP seems to be along the lines of what is being asked, a database of crimes, but ViCAP has limited criteria. It is focused on cases of abduction and murder looking for patterns to associate killers.

Quasimodem appears to be looking for something broader in context, something that associates any case of murder, such as the case presented. These are cases where the perpetrators are known and typically caught, and the motivations can often be determined (mental illness, mad at family for some perceived slight, jilted by girlfriend and coming back for revenge, etc).

So again, why should these be put in a database? What do you think is to be gleaned? Looking for patterns that cause mental illness? Looking for common triggers for jilted lovers to seek revenge on their desired mate and the offending replacement?

In order for someone to spend money on such an venture, there has to be a justifiable reason. What is the reason you propose that would get them to spend money on this? ViCAP is about trying to solve cases and catch criminals. They study patterns looking to tie cases together so they can combine evidence. Your proposed database doesn’t seem to have that benefit. It’s at best some sort of sociological study. Maybe some grad student could come up with a thesis from it, but there has to be some idea of what they are looking for in order to get grant money to establish it. There doesn’t seem to be any motivation for law enforcement.

Yes! I knew such a thing existed (read about it in novels) but wasn’y sure how “in depth” they considered their data and what were the conclusions drawn?

For instance, the hospital I worked for saw (IMO) a high number of either attempted suicides or thoughts (ideations) of it. Some were drug-related, some weren’t.

One night I asked the ER director, if, without violating anyone’s privacy, these were “tracked” in terms of number, reason and/or geographic location, and she replied that. to her knowledge, no, they weren’t. Well, okay. Just wondering.

In yesterday’s OP, I mentioned shootings. Well, of course they’re random, and how can you track those. Certainly not in terms of location, but how about “cause and effect”?

The guy in Nevada yesterday shot those people because it was believed he was upset over losing a lawsuit. So, how many times was that the reason and does it mean anything?

It might if one were that guy’s lawyer, maybe. And maybe nothing can be done about it, even if we do have the data, but it might mean something in terms of what % of people go ape-shit and kill over losing a suit in court.

Again, it’s just data and I’m not saying we should do this or that about it, or even if anything CAN be done. Just asking if it’s collated in some way?

And again, as I stated in the OP, I seem to have a knack for pointing out/missing the obvious, and I don’t always explain things the way I should, but that is the gist of what I “think” I meant.:smiley:


The FBI has been tracking this stuff since the 1930s and they have a whole division that analyzes the data.

I think we can add the Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) and the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC). NCAVC is organized into three components: Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), Child Abduction Serial Murder Investigative Resources Center (CASMIRC), and Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (VICAP).

Most of these FBI programs are associated with serial murder in most folks minds but their scope is much larger,

CMC fnord!