Cleavage at church wedding

Possibly the darlings only have one “nice” dress, and so that’s what they’re wearing. I’ve seen similar inappropriate attire at baptisms and confirmations.

Alternatively, they may be trolling for a Chazz Reinholdtype.

I was raised Catholic and from what I remember everything from your collar bone down had to be covered.

Might not be the case nowadays, that was 30 odd years ago!

I’m also Catholic. I don’t believe in cleavage at a church wedding. Cover it up! Strip down to your skivvies at the reception if you want, but not in church. I don’t k ow if I wasn’t the cleavage type, or if it was just understood, but 40 years ago the music issue - no secular music in church - was stressed to us.

I’ve given this a lot of thought over the years and I have come to the inescapable conclusion that I am strongly in favor of people wearing whatever they want whenever they want. This gives other people (such as myself) some really simple clues as to exactly the sort of person they are dealing with.

If, for example, a bride thinks that wearing a mini-dress cut all the way down to her navel is appropriate for a ceremony before her family and her God, well, that gives you a pretty good idea of her sense of modesty and class. And if her groom is standing at the altar wearing ripped jeans and an Iron Maiden tee shirt – with a bow tie, of course – well, you see where I’m going with this.

For myself, I spend most work days in jeans and a golf shirt and I shave maybe three times a week. Maybe. But I work in construction, not investment banking, so there’s a particular look I need to cultivate to be taken seriously in the field – not too dressy and not too grubby. If I’m going to a major church ceremony, however, I’ll be meticulously groomed and wearing a suit and tie. I consider this appropriate for the event. But I’m damn sure not going to insist that other people attire themselves in the same manner as I choose.

I like to watch the wedding reality shows, and I am often surprised by what the brides consider appropriate for any wedding, never mind a conservative church wedding. I’m not a cleavage kind of gal, but even so, there is A LOT of boob hanging out in some of the wedding dresses some of the women choose. You can see them trying on dresses, and in the minute it takes to walk from the change room to the viewing floor, they’re already hiking the dress up around their bosoms - you really want to do that all night long? And some of the dresses seem to be made so they are a shelf of dress, with the boobs resting on it like a platter, on display for the world to see - I guess that looks good to the people wearing the dress, but it looks terrible to me. So tacky!

Yeah, it goes better with the “merry widow” look at someone elses’ funeral. :wink:

I"m sure that some of the women are as tacky as they look, but others are wearing a dress several sizes too small (and know it). The store has only a limited number of sizes to try on (maybe 1 to 3 spanning sizes 4-32). I find it amazing that the women can get any idea of what the dress will look like with a 8" gap in the back.

So I just refreshed my memory:

Kate Middleton wore a cleavage dress to her wedding.

Frankly, if it’s good enough for her, and good enough for the Queen of England it’s good enough for me.

Now, cue some Kate haters to come in and say how she’s a low-class ho descended from miners in 3…2…1…

Not an authority on church weddings, or even public weddings. Just wanna say that cleavage is neat and all, but few looks are hotter (IMHO) than Victorian-style chin to toe styles. Dunno why. Guess I have a cloth fetish.

Seriously, you haven’t felt fat until you’ve tried on wedding dresses. They’ll do whatever the hell it takes to fit you into their one sample size. Rubber bands, you name it.

Band Name!

The former Miss Middleton’s dress was alot more modest then most of the dresses on those wedding reality shows on TV.

The Mormons are pretty strict on what constitutes appropriate bridal attire; especially if the wedding is a “Sealing” in the Temple (in which case only Mormons in good standing with the church can even attend).

From the film Four Weddings and a Funeral:

It is dangerous! You know, there’s nothing more off-putting in a wedding than a priest with an enormous erection, yech!

Yeah, but her mother-in-law to be is the Supreme Governor of that particular church.

Kate Middleton did not have cleavage. You have to have tits to have cleavage. (Sorry, Cathy.)

In the lessons and talks leading up to our Catholic wedding the priest said he reserved the right to deny performing the wedding should he smell alcohol on my breath or if my (then) fiance had an immodest dress. The dress could be strapless, but there needed to be a shawl or something over it.

“If you don’t have that,” he said, “I have a lovely shawl that I keep around if I need it.” We didn’t want to take the risk, so she made sure her dress covered her up.

Depends upon the individual church.
If it is a conservative church (CoC, SoBaps) or high (Cat, Eps, Luts) church, there will be counseling during which this will be discussed.
If it is a just show up and get married kind of church, anything goes.

I grew up in a high Eps, and it was/is definitely neck to knees covered for everything.

The whole cleavage at a wedding thing–who the he(( is the bride trying to impress?


I was at a hotel for a multi-day work function a few years ago and one of the evenings I was there a Gypsy wedding party was in house for their reception. Every female there except the bride - and I mean everyone from ages 6 to 66 - was wearing a strapless dress. If I had a quid for every time I saw one of them do that “adjust boobs and yank the top up” manoeuvre I could have taken a very nice vacation somewhere. It was not a pleasant thing to observe. Conversely, the bride had gone for the poofy shoulders and floating blancmange look, which in contrast was positively lovely.

And don’t get me started on the men. The groom was classy (white vest and tails) but some of the others…I mean, who goes to a wedding reception in a string vest/wifebeater? And the mullets, oy vey…

Yeah. I’m afraid if you’re flat you have a lot more leeway, because there is no cleavage to show.

She is rather un-busty, come to think of it. Not that she isn’t still a beauty.

I don’t see the objection to strapless gowns. It isn’t like the shoulders are commonly viewed as erotic. As far as cleavage, a little is acceptable in my view, while side boob exposure is not.

That is a very modest dress. This is a mis-post or something, right?