Clever ideas needed here

I’m planning on being a Girl Scout for Halloween, with a little twist: I’m making my own merit badges to put on the sash. I have the uniform all ready, but the sash is, alas, bare. Being new here 'n stuff, I thought this might be a great place to get some good ideas for merit badges.

The limitations:

-I’m working on felt circles about 1-1/2" in diameter, and will be drawing the designs with marker.
-Nothing too blue.

Right now, I’ve got:

Snake Whacking


Please include descriptions of what the badges would look like. For instance, the “Sarcasm” badge will be a face with rolling eyes…sound familiar?

Are you Potty Trained?

I would just put a picture of a commode


Single Entendres ( :wink: )
Words ending -gry ( :eek: )
Badge Naming ( :confused: )

Now to help the male members of the board visualise things:
you wear a girl scout uniform - are you male or female?

(Sorry, genetic response!) :o

[li]Arson: Two lit matches crossed over a gas can.[/li]
[li]Threadspotting: Binoculars and spool of thread.[/li]
[li]Indoor Sports: Crossed whips over handcuffs.[/li]
[li]Boozing: Bottles and glasses over pink elephant.[/li]
[li]Driving: Open car window with flipped bird.[/li]
[li]Cooking: Oven with smoke coming out of it.[/li]
[li]Birdwatching: Spotted owl in scope crosshairs.[/li]
[li]Pets: Alligator on a leash[/li]
[li]Fishing: Crossed poles over a six pack.[/li]Don’t get me started, you know how I get.

Blowjobs: I think you know what that one might look like. Or I HOPE you know, at least.

Screwball-- screw and baseball

Shopping-- Bags and an open purse or money

Snacking-- Favorite snack

Lame, but my contribution.




Naked Twister - a spinner and…I don’t know what you could put on a badge to symbolize nakedness…

I already earned the felching, squicking, naked twister, and potty training badges in REAL girl scouts. We had the best troop!

Oh, and I am very much a female (man, I always feel like Sir Mix-A-Lot calling myself a female). I don’t know whether my boyfriend being really excited about this costume is good or disturbing.

Zenster - I totally dig the boozing…driving (especially since I, a 25-year-old, am just now learning how to drive)…arson…it’s like you have a little window into my soul! You complete me!

Blow…jobs? I have no idea what you’re talking about, Drain. Remember, this is GIRL Scouts…and “the Girl Comes First in Girl Scouting”.

How about:

“Hot Gossip” merit badge: Has a picture of a girl on a phone

“Lets just be friends” merit badge: Picture of a girl leaving a guy.

“Manicure” merit badge: Picture of fingernails beig cleaned.

“Beginning Therapy” merit badge: Picture of somone laying on a therapist’s couch.

“Tire Changing” merit badge: Picture of tire on a car that has fallen off

“Sun tan” Merit badge: Picture of sun tan oil on a sandy beach
That’s all I could think of for now. Let us know how it goes.

“Tire changing” Picture of guy changing tire for you.

Mechanics: Crossed vibrators
Business Success: A desk with calves and high heels sticking out :smiley:
Marriage: A woman taking the trash out or Guy watching TV with woman pointing a gun to his head