Clever name help wanted!

Some of you are great at this, so I’m turning to you for help. I’m an organizer for a conference in Nashville, TN. We hope to make this an annual event, so we need a snazzy name. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Here’s the elements to work with:
Location: Nashville, mid-south, Bible Belt, or south/southern
Topic: secular, athiest, free-thought, or any play on that


“Unbuckle 2016”

Where we unbuckle the bible belt and allow intelligent thought to reign!

The Great 2016 Southern Secular Soiree and Showdown

Secular South Conference: Putting the SEC in Secular since 2016!


These are good! We are playing with various ideas, including my two favorites: Grand Ole godFree, Y’all Con and Visible Friends Con. :slight_smile: Neither of those will make it–too clever by far–but they are fun.

One leading contender is Nashville NonCon. What do y’all think? Nashville Nones has some supporters, too. I suggested a variation on your idea, DeepLiquid: Nashville NonCon: Unbuckling the Bible Belt. It got nixed for being too long, but people loved it. Just Unbuckle alone sounds a little rape-y, unfortunately.

The Conference of Secular Aggression.

Maybe not. :smiley:

I like what you’re doing. It’s the 21st century, things are what they used to be, but there’s still people out there for whom you might as well call it BACOOL, Burn A Cross On My Lawn.

It won’t do this in upper case with nothing before it. Very weird.


Oh dear. The “NonCon” makes it even worse.

Rapture Survivor Con
(we got “born” right the first time)

Rational Nash-i-ville.
kinda rhymes…

Southern ConThought. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Well, crap. Thanks, jsgoddess. That is something to consider. NOT the association we want.

[quote=“running_coach, post:7, topic:743979”]

The Conference of Secular Aggression.

Very well done, General Lee. :wink:

Thinkathon '16

Handbasket Boarding Party

Southern Nontheist Atheist Freethinkers United (S.N.A.F.U.)

Maybe not! :slight_smile:

Love it!

We decided on Nashville Nones conference–NaNoCon, for short.

Christ Punchers