Click anyone?>

Anyone going to see Click this weekend? I’m pretty excited, big fan of sandler. I also heard that it as much heart as humor. We’ll see.

I don’t know. It could be good; I’ll probably wait for the reviews come in before deciding whether or not to see it. My first reaction after seeing the trailer was “I liked it better the first time I saw it, when it was called Bruce Almighty.”

I suspect that this will be a renter for me. I do think that Kate Beckinsale is just adorable, and love to watch her, but the whole premise just doesn’t pull me in enough to go to a movie theater to watch.

I always knew that there was strange stuff in that Beyond section.

Personally, I’ll be pressing the Eject button. I just don’t like Adam Sandler.

I’ll watch it if my BF rents it on dvd (which I doubt) or in a few years when it’s on TV, if nothing else is on worth watching. In short, it doesn’t really interest me.

I heard that, only it was “sap and slapstick”.

This will be one of those movies that I’ll be watching with a group of friends in a year or two, and everyone else will be laughing, and I’ll be sitting there going “What. The. Hell. Is. Funny. About. This.”

So not this weekend, no.

I want to know if this is being credited as an adaptation of the Italian (?) comic book about a guy who builds a remote that gives women orgasms with the push of a button.

Isn’t this story basically a ripoff of the Nicholson Baker novel[ette?] The Fermata, in which a guy has a device to arrest time and cop an illicit feel or two? Although being a Sandler project, I doubt it’ll be as sexually explicit or skeevy as the Baker story.

::checks with IMDB…::

Some posters on their boards for Click have already related it to a short story by R.L. Stine, the children’s author.
Not for me, thanks. Maybe a rental in the future, but I doubt it. Sandler’s not really my cup of tea.

:smack: Confusing it a tad with Baker’s Vox, which is also skeevy but is of novella length. At 320 pages, Fermata’s a longish haul for its premise.

When you see the swimming pool scene … that’s the pool where I take my kids! It’s the family pool at the UCLA rec center and last summer they had it shut down for a week or so for filming. They put in a lot of plants and flowers to make it look prettier, but after they were done filming they took them all away again … :frowning:

Life’s too short to watch Adam Sandler movies.

I concur.

The problem with lots of famous people is that after a while they just stop trying. The problem with Adam Sandler is that he did start trying.

I actually like Adam Sandler a lot, but this just looks like another lame family comedy that is too heartwarming to be funny. When Sandler starts playing half-wits again, I’ll see his movies, but not when he’s playing an “overworked dad with a heart of gold.”

Punch Drunk Love was one of the best movies from that year. Spanglish was also very good.

I when a good writer and director get ahold of Sandler… I don’t think this movie fits that at all.

Uh oh. I just saw a commercial for Click, and the only reviewer quote they showed was from the infamous Earl Dittman. That sure doesn’t speak very well for the movie so far…

It’s still a step up from David Manning.

Apparenntly Sony owes me 10 bucks. How do I go about collecting this?

And as for the stop-time-to-cop-a-feel angle, the first thing that came to my mind was Spider Robinson’s Lady Slings the Booze

I think the concept for this movie is the same one that goes through the mind of anyone who just gets a Tivo or DVR - “Wow, I wish I had one of these for real life!” I know that’s what I thought, and two years later, I still think it, especially when I realize I wish I’d paid more attention to something someone was saying. Although I don’t want that FF as much as the commercials indicate. But after I see this movie, in a year or so from Netflix - I’ll probably have more everyday uses in mind.