Climate change is not the immediate threat facing us today

Climate change is not the immediate threat facing us today.

To understand why, you need to review the history of our planet.

Our planet was not created by the development of our solar system. Earth came from elsewhere.

As earth, a molten core covered in ice 5.4 miles thick passes by our sun, the suns gravity grabbed earth slinging it into an elliptical orbit, an orbit we are still in today with its axis parallel to the suns.

At least it started out that way but now scientists have discovered that an asteroid hit the earth leaving our planet unlivable except for the smallest of creatures and a 23.5-degree tilt.

Today, the Earth’s axis is tilted 23.5 degrees from the plane of its orbit around the sun. During a cycle that averages about 40,000 years, the tilt of the axis varies between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees.
NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming

The planets tilt is causing the climate changes, not burning oil.

At least five major ice ages have occurred throughout Earth’s history : the earliest was over 2 billion years ago, and the most recent one began approximately 3 million years ago and continues today (yes, we live in an ice age!). Currently, we are in a warm interglacial that began about 11,000 years ago

Glad You Asked: Ice Ages – What are they and what causes them? – Utah Geological Survey

Scientists & geologists have determined that our planet has gone through four (4) major climate changes or ice retreats leaving behind a scared surface as the ice above slides around over the core melting under the suns glare.

There is nothing we can do to slow down this change . It is inevitable so adapt or do not, the choice is yours alone to make.

Having said all the above what we are doing to combat this climate change is what is saving us; .,.,.,.,.even though this has nothing to do with climate.

We are ending the use of fossil fuels ; thinking it is saving our planet when in fact fossil fuels are finite. It has been determined that if we continue to consume fossil fuels at the rate we are consuming today, consumers will suck up and burn what known reserves the world has in 30-40 years.

Knowing the above

Save the climate. What do we do–?
Prepare for the end of oil, what do we do-?

It turns out we do the same for both, two birds with one stone.
Switching to electric power to drive our economies while getting off of oil is the right path forward.

The earth is unfolding as it should.

Or so it seems to me

You really don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

I could not have said it any better.

Thread essentially done in one reply. Nice!

I no longer give a shit what you believe or how you get there, as long as you get there. Whatever it takes to get ppl on-board with giving up fossil fuel. Maybe we should try this with other climate change deniers.

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When your first statement is:

…the credibility meter dropped to zero for the rest of the post.

This is in complete disagreement with the mainstream scientific consensus on the formation of the earth.

This is in complete disagreement with the mainstream scientific consensus on the current global warming trend.

This is, apparently accidentally, true.

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Man, even the original debunking of this argument is more than 10 years old.

The climate myth viewing global warming as a natural cycle distorts the fact with a single cause fallacy. Before the 1850s when human influence on climate was almost negligible, natural cycles were the dominant drivers of the global temperature changes. But currently, with large amounts of fossil fuel burned since the industrial revolution, the global mean surface temperature is showing an obvious increasing trend apart from what can be explained by natural cycles. The natural cycles can still explain these fluctuations superimposed over the trend but fails to explain the continuously increasing trend itself. The main cause of recent global warming is the increasing anthropogenic CO2 in atmosphere.

Our planet was covered in ice. You can google “earth covered in ice” and get the facts yourself.
715 million years ago the entire planet was encased in snow and ice. This frozen wasteland may have been the birthplace of complex animals

BBC - Earth - Earth was a frozen Snowball when animals first evolved

The Snowball Earth hypothesis proposes that during one or more of Earth’s icehouse climates , Earth’s surface became entirely or nearly entirely frozen, sometime earlier than 650 Mya (million years ago) during the Cryogenian period. Proponents of the hypothesis argue that it best explains sedimentary deposits generally regarded as of glacial origin at tropical palaeolatitudes and other enigmatic features in the geological record. Opponents of the hypothesis contest the implications of the geological evidence for global glaciation and the geophysical feasibility of an ice- or slush-covered ocean[3][4] and emphasize the difficulty of escaping an all-frozen condition. A number of unanswered questions remain, including whether the Earth was a full snowball, or a “slushball” with a thin equatorial band of open (or seasonally open) water.
Snowball Earth - Wikipedia

Snowball Earth: The times our planet was covered in ice
Ancient rocks suggest that ice entirely covered our planet on at least two occasions. This theory may help explain the rise of complex life that followed.

The story of Snowball Earth |

What Was Frigid ‘Snowball Earth’ Really Like?

Three times in Earth’s history, ice has covered the majority of the planet.

During vast ice ages millions of years ago, sheets of glaciers stretched from the poles almost to the equator, covering the Earth in a frozen skin. Conditions on the “snowball Earth,” as scientists refer to it, made the planet a completely different place.

“We’re essentially talking about another world,” said Linda Sohl of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York.

What Was Frigid ‘Snowball Earth’ Really Like? | Space

Keriobi_65, please take a deep breath, exhale, clear your mind and then check out the facts.

But you’re talking less than a billion years ago there. The actual consolidation of the earth within the solar system into a terrestrial planet with an atmosphere and iron core happened most likely around four billion years ago.

So there is no contradiction between your more recent “snowball earth” phenomenon and the standard explanation of the formation of the earth much longer ago. There is no need for the unsupported speculation that “the earth came from elsewhere”, i.e., formed outside of the solar system.


Were you… were you thinking that the name “snowball earth” implied that the earth came whizzing into the solar system from somewhere else, like a thrown snowball?

It doesn’t.

When the ice melted the great floods began

An ice age is a period of long-term reduction in the temperature of Earth’s surface and atmosphere, resulting in the presence or expansion of continental and polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers. Within a long-term ice age, individual pulses of cold climate are termed “glacial periods” (or alternatively “glacials” or “glaciations” or colloquially as “ice age”), and intermittent warm periods are called “interglacials”. In the terminology of glaciology, ice age implies the presence of extensive ice sheets in both northern and southern hemispheres.[1] By this definition, we are in an interglacial period—the Holocene—of the ice age. The ice age began 2.6 million years ago at the start of the Pleistocene epoch, because the Greenland, Arctic, and Antarctic ice sheets still exist.[2]

None of your cites contradict what I said, or support what you said.

But, but, but it did. Now it is your turn to prove me wrong.

That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.


One might note that this steaming pile of bullshit was posted in the Pit because the OP probably knew he’d get warned for trolling if it was posted in a regular forum.

What the fuck does this have to do with post-industrial temperature rise, you blithering idiot? Most of which occurred in the last 100 years during which GHG concentrations rose with increasing rapidity, as did average global temperature.

No, troll, now it’s my turn to tell you to fuck off.

Nope. You’re the one arbitrarily proposing an unsupported hypothesis that contradicts all the basic models of planetary astrophysics. The burden of proof rests squarely on you.

Why do I get the feeling this is going to turn into a bible thing?

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The facts are that scientists know the reasons for the past freezes, today there is no good way to apply that cycle to the current warming. In fact the expectation would be that we should be cooling down, but it is warming thanks to the global warming gases that humans release into the atmosphere.