Clint Eastwood voting for Romney

Just saw on the news that Eastwood is endorsing Romney. Last dollar he gets from me, which is no big loss for either of us.

I saw that and immediately thought back to how his Superbowl ad was criticized by Rove and certain Republican groups. How ironic!

What a huge shock. Never saw it coming.

It doesn’t surprise me since I read a while ago that he’s a Republican. That surprised me at the time, though, because I generally associate Hollywood with the Democrats.

I thought he was a lib for some reason.

And Jenna Jameson endorsed Romney this week also. That’s going to cut into my movie watching.

Eastwood’s politics.

He endorsed McCain last time. But he’s more on the libertarian side of things, and he was against the Iraq war. Not you’re father’s Republican.

You sound like my dad with his Jane Fonda (and just about every other liberal Hollywood star or starlet) fixation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could care less who he supports, to be honest. Don’t care about his politics, don’t care about his opinion. He’s just some guy who occasionally entertains me with his movies (well, in the past he did…haven’t seen anything by him lately that I really liked. Though, he should be flattered, since I actually know who he is by name).

What will be interesting is how many responses this thread gets. I mean, I haven’t seen any ‘Just saw that Umpty Squat, the noted Hollywood star has joined the Legion ranks of those who support Obama…many, I’ll never watch anything Umpty does again! :mad::mad:!!’ type threads…

I gotta agree (as an Obama supporter and voter), the OP seems a bit much. I reserve the right to boycott some movie star based on his or her politics if we’re talking about someone endorsing the American Nazi Party or something like that, but–a guy who is fairly well known for being on the conservative (if libertarianish) side of things and being a Republican, says he’s voting for the Republican candidate for President? Not a big deal, and I’m not going to start shunning every person who disagrees with me politically. (I would draw a distinction on the Chick-fil-A stuff, since I think that’s a civil rights issue, not just an ordinary disagreement about politics.)

But I’m old and cranky, so it’s expected of me. I hate to disappoint my public.

Wonderful parody of that

Gibson or Polanski I can understand, but Eastwood? He even supports SSM.

You don’t understand. For many on this MB, it’s ideological purity or “off with his head”.

Gotta agree. Until of course he becomes a regular on Rush’s show and starts spouting the crazy/hate. Then I’ll spit on the fucker if I ever see him (OK not really but in the back of my mind I’d be thinking of how much I’d like to).

There have been past threads about Eastwood’s politics. Wasn’t his mayorship of Carmel, California as a Republican? I’ve always thought he made no bones about his Republican preferences.

Is it Scold the Lefties Week again, John? So soon?

Actually, he does seem like one of the last Old Style Republicans. Liberal on social issues & actually conservative on things like budget. Wars are awfully expensive–fight one if you must but don’t start one!

The current crop of teabagging racist eejits can make one forget about those guys. Here in Texas, we just saw Rick Perry, Teaparty darling, have his Light Governor lose the Senate Nomination to a (Bush family backed) Teaparty candidate. Will we get to see Ricky go even more batshit insane?

For many, yes; for most, no.

That’s why I said many, not most.

It’s not his politics, it’s the politician. Romney? Really? The man is an empty suit.