Close Down The BBQ Pit! (Temporarily)

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time.

We have all been hearing complaints about the quality of flames on this board recently. Many say that the flames are overused and unimaginative.

I believe I have the solution - the temporary closing of The BBQ Pit.

This may seem like a drastic measure, but I believe that after a few weeks, everyone will be quite ready to go back to thoughtful, original flaming.

Of course, during this time, some of the more “kissy-kissy” threads should be deleted. Certain threads, we can all agree, are no longer appropriate to this forum and should either be deleted or moved to MPSIMS. And also I believe that this time should be used to reflect on what this forum is really for. It is not here to make petty arguments, stupid flames, and then finally decide that we’re all one big happy family, or we have ot agree to disagree. That’s not what this forum is about at all. If you have a clever, original, insulting flame for someone, this is the place.

I would not be posting this topic here except for the fact that it relates directly to this forum.

So, Lynn? Teeming Millions? What do you have to say?

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Per your post I must heartily and steadfastly disagree.

The main impetus and purpose behind the SDMB is the General Questions forum. Posing questions, gleening from the Teeming Millions nuggets of truth and insight.

The other forums were created to unclog that forum. Flaming is gonna happen. “What’s your favorite…” posts are gonna happen. “What poster’s got the biggest tits?” posts are gonna happen. Hence, The Pit and MPSIMS forums were born of the need to get these topics out of the General Questions forum.

I say “no” to even the temporary closing of this or any other forum, for the problems for which they were created would re-occur.

As to the deleting of certain “kissy-kissy” threads, again I must speak shout “negatory, good buddy!”

Each thread, each forum is a living, breathing thing. It grows, branches, doubles back, reiterates continuously. To remove threads which offend certain posters would effect the forum as a whole. If the posters do not like a certain thread or series of threads, those threads will drop, nay, plunge down the list of active topics.

“What,” you say, “can I do to facilitate the expungement of these offensive threads?”

Do not post to them.

I shall now take a breath. And thank you for your attention…

Not post to them? Heck, don’t even bother to read them.

The BBQ Pit was actually invented as a way of keeping unpleasant noises AWAY from the boards that the bright folks use. Those boards stay pristine and untarnished by the barbs and insults of the less tactful amongst the teeming m’s. No sullying, nothing crass, nothing undignified ever gets to those boards – that stuff is kept contained here (and in MPSIMS). So the BBQ Pit is really more of a quarantine section, see?

[ Warning: sarcasm sometimes may be found in postings ]

I think the stuff that needs quarantine is MPSIMS crapola. We now have two mundane pointless forums - identical in just about every way except the denizens here say “shit” and “fuck” more often.

The pit is dead. Long live the pit.

Fuck that shit!

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Shouldn’t this go under the About This Message Board Forum?