Closeted Nut of the Week: Andrew Shirvell

A Michigan assistant attorney general has been, rather inexplicably, running a ferocious one-man hate campaign against… some kid at the University of Michigan, who apparently is a Nazi because he’s gay.

That last part is not my hyperbole; Mr. Shirvell’s blog includes pictures of the student with swastikas and such.

Raging lunatic… or CLOSETED raging lunatic?

Thankfully, Mr. Shirvell has been relieved of his duties to the State of Michigan.

What, again?

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Shirvell was fired in early November, after at first being defended by AG Mike Cox.

It seems the news now consists of some emerging details from the report the AG’s office compiled at that time, which include things like Shirvell having previously been warned about using “gay slurs” and making vague threats in e-mails sent from an AG office computer to former state representatives, and having pressured the MSU journalism program into dropping a different student who had “crossed” him from an internship position. Also that Shirvell was once a paid campaign staffer on behalf of Mike Cox.

Chris Armstrong, the student targeted online, and his attorney Deborah Gordon, are continuing with their effort to have Shirvell disbarred.

But have Chris and Deborah taken steps to sue the pants off Shirvell and perhaps also many others who knew Shirvell was out of line and stood by?

Closeted raging lunatic. No question. I tried watching that this morning and found it painful. I just would really love to know what issue Shirvell really does have with Armstrong.

Is the radical gay agenda fighting with the regular gay agenda?

Shirvell was turned down for a man-date, I am guessing.

Lol, that’s a quote:

"If this Shirvell guy was any more in the closet, he’d fall into Narnia. "

(from that old youtube itv . Dont bother watching, just adding for the completists).

I’m not sure what part of “Closeted raging lunatic” you need to have explained.

I think Andrew Shirvell is just bitter from a lifetime of being called “Shrivel.”

ETA: I do like the understated irony of Anderson Cooper presenting the story on what appears to be a deeply-closeted lunatic. :slight_smile:

That’s unfair. Anderson Cooper seems perfectly sane.

You can’t work for a guy named Mike Cox and not be a raging homo.

That’s why I prefer working for Mike Hunt.

Mike Hunt is tired of hearing all those jokes.

If Mike Hunt married Mike Cox, would that be considered polygamous?

I was starting to wonder just how many gay student body presidents the University of Michigan had elected.


And is there mud, jell-o, or baby oil involved?

Can someone who is so blatantly gay be considered closeted? The dude’s gay and everyone knows it! Even he knows it since it’s clear that Armstrong turned down his advances. Never underestimate the power of a semi-closeted, rightwing gay man scorned.

If institutionalized homophobia really was just some gay-on-gay culture war, that would let us straight people right off the hook.

So every time some piece of crap like Chick or Phelps or Shrivell starts mouthing off, make sure that we as good straight liberal allies use it as an opportunity to sit around and crack homo jokes and blame the gays for their own oppression.

That’s the ticket.