Closing thread with 300+ responses, with no explanation?

I’m sure there was some kind of reason, but wouldn’t it have been reasonable and courteous to provide an explanation in the closing announcement?

I realize I’m old and cranky, but if this is a new thing that’s going to start happening, I don’t like it.

Or sometimes a mod clicks the wrong thing.

Sorry about that. No excuse, can’t even claim to be new on the job at this point. I plain and simple screwed up and closed by accident.

eta: I’m surprised it took 4 hours before someone let us know.

Oh, well. No harm done, then. (and I wondered that myself)

Don’t sweat it, What_Exit. Everyone makes mistakes. We all remember that time Marley tried to ban a spammer, and accidentally poisoned a reservoir in Kentucky.

Is this why we sometimes we a thread closed and then immediately reopened after a mod post? I had been assuming you closed it on purpose to get a chance to look at the thread before making your note.

That might be the sequence that got interrupted. I’m not sure. I did shut a different thread down for 5 minutes today. Maybe as I was just starting on my coffee when I was reviewing the flags in that thread, I closed it, intending it to be brief and then life happened?

I don’t think so, I think I just screw this one up somehow.

That’s why you work here and not at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant :smiley:

Of course there was that minor kerfuffle back in 2009 when Google inadvertently banned the entire internet. Oops. :wink:

In case anyone thinks I’m kidding, here’s a representative article from the event:

Well, they weren’t wrong