Club Med vs. Sandals all-inclusive resorts

Hey, folks. DeathLlama are down to less than 5 months until our wedding, and we’re still figuring out the honeymoon location. As we’ve just bought a house, the dream of a Tahiti vacation has evaporated…however, some airline tickets won at a bridal show have renewed our hope that hey, maybe we can go somewhere cool.

We’re looking at the Caribbean and have been pricing the Sandals and Club Med all-inclusive packages (all inclusive means all meals, all outdoor sports, etc. are prepaid). Sandals seems to be the honeymoon experts, but who hasn’t heard of Club Med? Club Med is slightly cheaper than Sandals, but obviously we’re more interested in a good time than price.

Anyone out there ever go on a Club Med or Sandals vacation? How was it? Recommendations? Stories? Experiences? Anything?