Caribbean Vacation Advice

DoperGuy and I are looking to go on a vacation next summer to somewhere in the Caribbean to celebrate our anniversary. Because I was nearly 7 months pregnant at the time of our wedding this summer, our only honeymoon consisted of a week down the shore. So far the only real research we’ve done has been via a travel agency. The rep there recommended the Sandals Resort Whitehouse in Jamaica.

Our ideal vacation spot would be a couples-only all-inclusive resort. Price is important, but not all-important. The travel agency rep quoted us around $4000 for a one week all-inclusive stay at the Sandals Resort, airfare included.

Is this price fair? It sounds high to me, especially after having looked around the Sandals website on my own. Should we look elsewhere or reconsider going to a travel agency altogether?

I’ve never left the country, traveled this far, or spent this much money on a vacation before, so I’m understandably nervous about the whole ordeal. Any advice about Sandals, Jamaica, the Caribbean, travel agencies, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


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My husband and I usually book through a website called We do a lot of searching and have never found anyone less expensive, for multiple trips. Never had a problem with them, either.

As far as adults-only, we’ve done Aventura Spa Palace in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and we’re going to Excellence Punta Cana in April of next year. I highly recommend Aventura–all-inclusive, 18+, double jacuzzis in every room, good food, nice pools, and you can’t beat the price. The only drawback is that there’s no actual beach–the surf is too rough to swim in, so they put up a man-made rock lagoon. It’s fed with the ocean water, and it’s big enough that you can kayak and snorkel in it, and there’s sand and palapas with lounges there, but it’s not a beach. We still spent more time on that beach than anywhere else, including the gorgeous pools. Oh, and I got the best spa treatments there that I’ve ever gotten in my life–the hydrotherapy area alone is worth the price of whatever treatment you get. It was a wonderfully relaxing vacation.