Clueless teen Jeopardy contestant

So on last night’s Jeopardy Teen Tournament, I was paying more than the usual attention to one of the contestant’s, as he is from my home town (although I don’t know him at all). During the interview portion, he revealed that he is particularly interested in reaching out to students in India (he’s of Indian extraction) and helping them with robotic technology, as their tech skills don’t seem to be up to snuff.

This to me seemed like a real WTF?? moment, and I don’t mean “Win The Future”. As a matter of fact, this kid seems to be working to ensure that the US loses the future. It would be kinda like* a 1950’s teenager reaching out to his Soviet counterparts to help bring their nuclear physics skills up to speed.

*No, I don’t think anyone is committing treason here. It’s an analogy.

Alex Trebek seemed a bit bumfuzzled himself; he pointed out that as far as he knew, Indian students are quite tech savvy.

And you’re pitting him because of this?

That seems kind of harsh.


Fucking kids and their dreams, always sabotaging our international advantage.

The State come first.

Get a rope.

Perhaps I’m a bit hypersensitive, as I work in an industry (IT) that we just flat gave away to India to squeeze a few more bucks out of the bottom line. I don’t think India needs any tech help from us, thanks.

I hear the missiles spinning in their silos now.

Soon we won’t need to fear India anymore…

:: evil lunatic laugh ::

Oh, I fully endorse his dreams. I hope his love of robotics turns into something patentable, and that he becomes a billionaire and builds a factory employing thousands of American workers.

Now, if one of his buddies in Bangalore takes his idea and builds a factory first – that would not be so good.

A Pit thread on a message board that he’s never read is harsh in your world? I find it hard to imagine a less harsh punishment.

Well, it isn’t really harsh for the kid - I’m sure he doesn’t care. I actually thought maybe this thread was misplaced.

God forbid an Indian rises out of poverty.

I hope that kid starts a robotics company employing thousands in India. Guess what, Indians are people, too. They shouldn’t have to be in poverty just to make someone who happens to share your nationality’s life a bit easier.

Heaven forfend that the world be made a better place!

Yeah, I agree. That’s why I’m a teacher AND a nuclear physicist.

Does the OP endorse thisPit Thread?

The Indians should rise out of poverty the way God intended, by going on one of their game shows like the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ guy.

The thread title made me think he was just bad at Jeopardy. I thought, “why pit a kid for being bad at Jeopardy?” Now I see this is serious business.

Perhaps he’s actually an evil mad scientist*, relying on the fact that robots inevitably turn on their fleshy human masters in a murderous rampage and then proceed to enslave the survivors.

He won’t have to worry about India taking away his future job too much after that.
*actually more of an evil mad engineer.

Way to perpetuate a stereotype, Trebek. I’m sure all 1.2 billion people in India are computer wizards.

Shame on this kid for wanting to help people that jsc1953 and Alex Trebek don’t think deserve his help!!

Say, he didn’t mention anything about an upgraded Cherry 2000 did he?

First they came for the Teen Jeopardy Contestants and I didn’t speak out…

It’s a bullshit analogy even if you leave out the treason thing. He’s a high school kid who is talking about collaborating with students in another country. He’s not a factory owned laying off his employees and moving operations to India, and he sure as shit isn’t slipping nuclear secrets to the USSR when it’s on the brink of nuclear war against the U.S.

Why not? In case you weren’t aware, economics isn’t a zero sum game. The US is a fabulously wealthy country while India is mired in poverty. Begrudging them a factory is, IMO, morally repugnant.