Clyde Bruckman finally reposes... (Peter Boyle's death)

Actor Peter Boyle Dies

Multiple myeloma, a nasty disease. Hope he got plenty of painkillers and a good hospice, poor bastard.

Good night, Funny Man. RIP

I can’t believe he was only 71! I thought he was in his 50’s in Taxi Driver. His only negative was appearing on the Carlos Mencia show.

If you’ve never seen Joe, I encourage you to do so. It’s kind of dated, but it also includes a smallish role played by a very young and very hot Susan Sarandon.

I came here to find this thread. I just heard. The OP gets extra points for referencing one of the best X-files episodes and another reason I was fond of Mr. Boyle.

I really like the guy in everything I’ve seen him in but I most fondly remember him for Young Frankenstein and the X-files episode. I wasn’t a fan of Everyone Loves Raymond but I’d catch a syndicated show off and on and he was so much better than his co-stars that it was ridiculous he was always overlooked for Emmys when they kept winning. My theory is that he made it look so effortless that no one understood how good he really was. There are two Raymond episodes that stick out in my mind. In one, it was a holiday and everyone was drinking a little much I think the power might have been off and they had a radio playing and Frank (Boyle’s character) started dancing with all the women and he was very good. Stupid Debra said something and he got upset and went outside, a scene that got me all verklempt followed (and made me lose all sympathy for Debra). In another episode, a small throw-away scene showed Frank out at a lounge playing a keyboard and singing in front of an audience. He responds to the audience’s applause by saying “Thanks, my wife thinks I’m in the bathroom.”

I believe he did win a well-deserved Emmy for the X-Files episode Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Boyle.

Godspeed, Zipperneck.

I loved him as Tea Leoni’s psychotic CIA agent father on Flying Blind.

All I can add is “Holy Crap!”


He will always be **The Monster ** to me:

AMC’s Making of Young Frankenstein

The famous Puttin’ on the Ritz scene with Peter Boyle that Mel almost cut:

You got that right. My father has multiple myeloma and it’s, well, not great.

Nice title, too. “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” is one of my favorite X-Files episodes. I also loved him as Jocko Dundee in Johnny Dangerously.

Me, too. And thanks for the clip; it was “Ooobah doobaah!”

One of the articles I read said that he was close friends with John Lennon, and Lennon was his best man at his wedding. Isn’t that fascinating? The things you would never guess about a person!

Been a big fan ever since The Friends of Eddie Coyle.

Gonna miss that man.

Sad to hear it - and I, too, thought he was older than 71. On the upside, if you believe in this sort of thing, he’s got a reunion with Madeline Kahn.

“Aaaah, sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you…”

Well, shoot.

In addition to all those great roles mentioned, a tip o’ the hat to his excellent role in Monster’s Ball.

I first saw him in “Slither” with James Cann and Sally Kellerman. Not the high point in his career, I’m sure. But what a career he had. John Lennon as a best man…now that’s a small club. RIP, Peter.

Wherever he is, I hope he’s puttin’ on the ritz!

I once found a VHS of [url=]Joe in a funky-indie vid store and rented it just because I remembered having read a Mad parody of it back in the '70s. Yes, it’s worth seeing! Excellent window into the American zeitgeist in 1970!