CNN: you should come up with a better way to say this

In the last couple of weeks, CNN has changed its video policy from a subscription service to free. While I applaud this, I think they need to change the way they let you know there’s a video clip to go with their stories.

Here’s a couple from their current home page (with apologies to the victims and their families):

Bodies of 2 SEALs found | Watch Free
Two die trying to rescue boy from riptide | Watch Free

How about a tiny TV icon?

I’m just glad that there are no watches involved.

This has been annoying me too. In part, it feels like a confession as in “we were stupid enough to try to charge people for what everyone else is giving away for free and now we are catching on”

Hopefully it ends soon.

I’m dreading the next report of a shark attack:

Man loses arm above the wrist | Watch free

Could be worse.
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Begin Honeymoon | Watch Free
Wow, he really will do anything for attention.

“Watch free” on the .com doesn’t bother me as much as the constant pimping on the cable feed. For those first few days you’d think they were giving out gold bullion, the way their talking heads were required to effuse about it. “Golly gee! Streaming video – on the internet. Supported entirely by advertising! I don’t have to pay a dime! Did I hear that right, Carol?” “That’s right Wolf, Ted Turner’s lost his mind. Free! Absolutely free!”

Yeah, it’s a nice revenue stream for CNN, and it’s great content for the site. Everybody wins. Now drop the carnival huckster routine and read the goddamned news, monkeys.

A discreet “video” icon beside the story would be a little less jarring, though.

What the fuck are they thinking?