Coach, is there a MN State U?

Just wondering if “Coach” is based on a real college. And, is there really a “Screaming Eagles” football team? - Jinx

There was no “Minnesota State” while the series was running. A couple of years ago I remember hearing about a school that was going to change its name to “Minnesota State” it should be in effect by now. I think it might have been Mankato State that did the name change.

There are a number of schools named “Minnesota State University,” located on seven different campuses across the state. Each are named fully after their respective locations (e.g., MSU-Mankato, MSU-Moorhead, etc.)

Check out for the full scoop.

More specifically, is the “Coach” theme song a real college “fight” song? And, does anyone know the words, even if just from a TV episode of Coach? - Jinx

Just to clarify, only the University in Mankato is MSU. All of the other Universities are U of M (Twin Cities, St. Paul, Moorhead, Rochester, Crookston, Duluth).


The Minnesota State University system consists of, for example, University of Minnesota at Moorhead, or University of Minnesota at Mankato, or That Party College up in St. Cloud. They’re not called MSUs.

Yah, what BluMoon said.

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I always thought there was a similar appearance between the (TV) Screaming Eagles & (RL) Golden Gophers. YMMV.

Of course they were similar, they were based on the Golden Gophers. All the live action footage of football games were Golden Gopher clips, they just distorted the color and logo on the helmets enough so you couldn’t tell. Also, Hayden Fox is awfully similar to Hayden Fry, the long time coach at Iowa.

The theme song is not a real college fight song, but since so many fight songs were written with the same meter and style, it sounds authentic, doesn’t it?

Don’t know about the theme song, but many of the exterior shots were filmed at the U of I in Iowa City…home of the Hawkeyes, which may or may not be relevant.

Wait, St. Cloud was the party one? My high school guidance counselor said it was Duluth! :smack:

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Peepthis had this correct. The MN State University system should be called State University, not University of MN at such-n-such.
Moorhead State University was called MSU.
Mankato State University was called MSU.
“Moorhead State” changed recently to “Minnesota State University–Moorhead.” It has almost the same abbreviation, MSU-M.

There’s no U of M - Moorhead… There’s U of M - Twin Cities, Rochester, Crookston, Duluth, and Morris. If I remember right, one other campus closed.

You’re right Twung, my bad, I meant Morris, not Moorhead.

Ha! Me too, Blu!

Anyhow. The site to which peepthis linked includes SCSU. while St. Cloud State University was once known as St. Cloud State College (and before that something else), it’s never been MSU St. Cloud.

Some places (I’m thinking specifically of two: CUNY (Whatever) and UC (Whatever)) are all neat ‘n’ tidy ‘n’ stuff, but Minnesotans are independent bastards, or so I like to believe, and we’re all not that neat ‘n’ tidy ‘n’ stuff. I don’t know what it’s like in either of those school systems, but I can tell you that if you’re going to transfer from Mankato State to the U of M (the “real” university in The Cities) in your junior year you’re going to have to repeat a year of credits; you may as well be transferring from The University of Granada Medical College for all MSU cares.