Coats with large company logos - where do they come from?

Around in my fair city in Tennessee I often see people wearing jackets that are covered with large patches of corporate names or logos, like “Cheerios” or the Betty Crocker spoon. Often there are several unrelated company names covering one jacket, sometimes characters from said companies. I thought they might be event/sports-related, but there’s no indication of that on them. 99.9% of the time they are worn by African-Americans. Would any jacket-wearers like to clue me in where these come from?
(I don’t know anyone who wears them well enough to ask)

Some of them are certainly “corporate gifts,” but some of them may be “factory seconds” purchased from the manufacturer. There was a place in Gloucester MA that printed T-shirts & corporate wear and also sold off the seconds and overruns for fairly low prices. My parents picked up many things there, and some of them are in my closets/drawyers.

Betty Crocker & Cheerios were (are?) NASCAR sponsors, so it could come from that arena as well.

I have never heard of such a promotion involving Betty Crocker or Cheerios, but I have a jacket with the Pepsi logo on it that I got way back in the early 90s when Pepsi was doing their “Pepsi Points” give-aways (and when you could still get cool stuff with Pepsi Points…I also had a beach chair, beach towel and watch…I drank a lot of Pepsi ;)).

Is it stuff like this? Those are jackets modeled after the clothing and paint jobs of various NASCAR racing teams, which are heavily festooned with sponsor logos.

They’re more like the M&M and Trix examples in brad_d’s link, but not so much the other obvious Nascar ones. Like the Dupont one, I recognize that as automotive/race related. Sometime’s there’s different logos all mixed up, so I guess they are sports sponsor items after all.

Damn, I need to get a cell phone w/camera.

That’s Bobby Labonte’s (NASCAR driver) .team jacket.

We usually get ours from our own vendors.

They are indeed NASCAR team jackets. A friend works at a sporting goods store and says she has seen a huge increase in the sales of NASCAR jackets to young black males, most who are not fans of NASCAR. M&M’s, Cheerios and Reese’s have been the most popular lately. I have about 20 NASCAR jackets and will wear them on an occasion. A few months ago I wore a Bojangles jacket to a local mall. Bojangles sponsored Derricke Cope about 12 years ago. I had at least 6 requests of where that jacket could be bought and 2 offers to buy it off my back, all made by younger black males.

Hmm, really? I sense a strange new trend.