Cockle-warming reunions

I’m treading on unfamiliar territory here, so bear with me, hold my hand and we’ll get through this together. kellibeli was always so good at these types of posts…

I’ll be returning to the States tomorrow following a nearly six-week deployment. I’ve been keeping in touch with GBS via e-mail and she’s all atwitter with excitement at our reunion. Her man coming home from the sea and all. I’m just exhausted, tired and extremely horny, which GBS is patently aware of.

Share with me, won’t you, your favorite “lovers reuniting after lengthy separation” story. Downers need not apply. Among other things, I need to keep my spirits up!

(Psst… How’d I do kells?)

I guess I’m not as good as kells-bells at starting these touchy-feely “chick” threads…

  • Drive home from the South of France, 1200 kilometers to Amsterdam;

  • Around Utrecht, some 30 km’s from Amsterdam, call her on the carphone to say you’re nearly home;

  • She starts talking REALLY dirty, so you’re flooring the car and doing 160 km/h with a boner in your pants the size of a broomstick, meanwhile accumulating 3 speeding tickets in your final 30 km’s;

  • Upon arrival, park car halfway up the sidewalk, ring bell, run up three stairs, unzip pants on final flight of stairs;

  • After entering appartment, start ripping each others clothes of, chucking them across the room;

  • Have WILD, STEAMY JUNGLE-SEX like there’s now tomorrow;

  • Afterwards, drink cool beer and smoke a cigarette together;

  • Later, fix buttons on clothes that got torn apart during undressing havoc;

  • Smile very happily.

Well… this one worked for me. Of course, you’re not gonna be able to do 160 km/h on that silly boat of yours :wink:

See, this thread DOES call for reactions… people are just shy, I suppose. Either that, or they have no sexlife whatsoever…

Reactions guaranteed now, Chief.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

I have no sex life whatsoever. Maybe my change in medications will change that. shrug

btw, smoking is bad for you tsk tsk

O p a l C a t

Um, does “getting naked” in the car in the airport parking lot count?

Well, I’m hoping to have a tearful reunion in a few months…

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.