Cocktail hour!

Explorateur and Cabecou cheeses on garlic flatbread crackers, and washing them down with an extra-large Cosmopolitan.

Sigh. It’s good to be me.

I want a Vodka rocks…I want it now…and don’t you give me any lip!

What? Shut up and get my drink…scat…scat!!


-SS :rolleyes:

Can cheese on a Ritz washed down with cheep beer. God I wish I wasn’t me. MTS

Skyslash, honey, tough day? The ice and vodka are still out from mixing the Cosmo…go pour yourself a stiff one.

And this cheese is delicious. Help yourself.

Here, I’ll just put on some Frankie…ahhh, we’re swingin’ now, baby.

Booker, baby, you come right over here. Girl Next Door is the hostess with the mostest, and she won’t let you eat bad food or drink bad liquor.

Dig these crackers.

And just who are you? And can I have some of that?
I’ll share my peanut brittle.

I’m the Girl Next Door, paragon of virtue and adorableness. You bring that peanut brittle along, no problems. What would you like to drink?

(Girl Next Door switches the CD to Tony Bennett.)

And what’s wrong with cheese on Ritz washed down with a cheap beer?

You’re talking about my staple diet there. Hic

It’s martini time!

Gin and tonic. Man oh man, do I need a drink.

How about a midori splice right after a CC shooter please ma’am.