Coeds, Keggers, Cheerleaders, Happy Hour, Tailgating, and Casual Sex!

Thats right folks, its time for Yahoo! Fantasy College Football Pick 'Em. Its just like the Pro version, except we play for the love of the game…and for the women. 50 team max, confidence rankings, and no point spreads.

Sign Up Here:

Group ID: 5754
password: cecil

Looking forward to the weekly wet T-shirt contests!!!

Don’t tease me like that! You just listed some of the things I miss most from college.

OK, I’m in. fairly new at this but what the hell.

To repeat my question from the other thread:

Whoa. Before I sign up for the college one…how many teams do you have to pick for that one? I mean, I know some college teams, but not how, say…Joe Schmo U. is going to do.

let’s get it on!

You mean this isn’t a thread about the upcoming ChiDope fest?

::tears open envelope::
“What are the six things Omni will never have, see or participate in?”

[Ed McMahon]YES! Ho! Ho! Ho![/Ed McMahon]

(Sorry Omni, couldn’t resist!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Falc, its the top 25 vs whoever they play, plus a few bonus games, typically whatever is nationally televised. For example Notre Dame is on there, even though they aren’t ranked, and Arkon is on there cause they play VPI.

This week there were 17 games to pick. 2 more than the NFL one.

I’m in. Beware!

So, how long after we join up before we get the casual sex?

Did anyone see that hit in the Auburn/Wyoming game??? DAMN!!! The helmet went 10 yards in the air. Did I mention I love college ball?

Just a quick heads up. The league is great, I’m on top. This week is going to be really interesting, I just wanted to remind everyone to get in and make your picks. Its too bad, but just about every week we’ve had someone miss out.

Also, I beleive the league is still open to join. Come on in and talk trash every Sunday with us.

I didn’t know State would kick thier butts. :frowning:


Now I’ve got that song from the Sound of Music in my head.
These are a few of my favorite things…
That’s just great and me with no CD’s at work…

I’ve yet to miss a game, I love it too much. It is a shame some of the other players have missed a week or two here or there, c’mon guys, put yer picks in!

Here it is Friday afternoon and only 2 of us have made our picks. Get on it folks, it ain’t no fun taunting if you don’t try.

Heads up, another week of Pigskin coming at ya. Get on those picks boys and girls.

Tough Picks:
Oklahoma v Nebraska
Purdue v Ohio State
Clemson v Georgia Tech
Minnesota v Northwestern

Lets see what you got.