ODing on Football, baby!

Bring on the Cheerleaders…Bring on the Kegs…Lets tailgate!

So, if we’re going to do it, lets do it right. I set up a College Football Pick 'Em. Its at yahoo. Basic stuff, no spread, confidence. Don’t forget to make your picks kids!


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I’m set for the season, I’m in. Let the tailgates start now.

Hail to the Victors plays in the background

I can’t let a challenge by a groundhog with an overactive thyroid go unheaded. This Domer is in.

To bad we don’t play each other. I’ll watch when you play the Spartans though. What was the score of that game last year? :smiley:

You guys can spend all day measuing dicks…

We’ll be polishing the Heisman in Champaign.

I hear they polish more than Heismans in Champaign… But when you get done, could you send the Brass-O over to South Bend? Our 7 could use a little sprucing up.

And Lady Ice, just because Davie can’t tell the difference between a clock and his posterior doesn’t mean, um, err… Yeah, he sucks.

::walks off singing the alternate words to "Hail to the Victor::

Shameless bump for the 9-5 crowd.

Get in while the gettin’s good people.

I’m in.

Purple cats, rodents, and seeds? What could Illinois -possibly- have to worry about? Well, besides the total lack of defense?

::chimes in with Munch::

Don;t forget to get your picks in folks!!!
Hey everyone, theres still time for you to add a team, the deadline is Saturday.

Anyone who wasn;t scared off by my magnificence last week might want to jump on board with some new picks for this week!

trumpets blaring

Another reminder to get your picks in. Its your duty as an american damnit. I know its been a while, try and shake the rust off.

This is funny because I’m kicking some serious ass.
Cheer, cheer…

Hup ye over to yonder website, and maketh thine selections!!

Hey Munch, hear thems footsteps? Its gonna be one of the toughest weeks to pick, and I got all mine right ;).

Go Illini!

Damn those footsteps are loud! Holy FSU, batman!

I see everyone already got their picks in, so this reminder isn’t needed.

Looks like we’ve lost a competitor though. Shall I bump them from the league, or leave it be? Opinions?

I say leave him be. Heck, you guys have to beat someone! Hopefully, if Pitt wins tomorrow, Davie will resign.

Just a reminder to get those picks in today. This week looks to be the toughest of the season. Lots of closely ranked games. When making my picks, I got down to about #8 and couldn’t decide who got my 1 pt game. Good luck, everyone!

Sounds like you’re getting nervous there champ ;).

You better believe it! I usually go with sentiments on picking between rivalries, and usually lose. You could see Munch dropping down a few notches this weekend.

Or not. I am only averaging about 1.5 misses a week.

Sounds like the Lou Holtz method of trash talking to me. How disappointing.