Coffee Anyone?

I have noticed a trend of people drinking soda for breakfast and was wondering if there are still avid coffee drinkers out there.

I don’t mean the ones who drink just the trendy stuff so they look cool at coffee shops but the ones who need at least a pot of it to get their morning started right.

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Hi. My name is Cristi, and I am a javaholic. I drink ridiculous amounts of coffee every day. I drink so much coffee, caffeine has no effect on me anymore.

I enjoy a good cappucino, and my local Borders serves an excellent caramel latte. But nothing beats a good ol’ mug of steaming Columbian, brewed in my ancient automatic drip. Black, please.

Soda for breakfast? Sacrilege! Gimme a cup of coffee! Thanks, now gimme another one! Mmmm, that’s good. Keep it comin’.

I love coffee in the morning and depending on what I’m doing, sometimes drink too much of it. At night, Im a tea drinker… sometimes up to three pots of it. Im a lucky one in that caffeine doesnt affect me.

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:::drinking a cup of my Maxwell House French Roast right now:::: Yum!

Caffeine never has had an effect on me (or on my mom, I think it’s genetic) so I’ve never had soda OR coffee as a “wake up” thing… when I drink coffee it is because I like the taste. Cream and lots of sugar please :slight_smile:

Oh, and when I eat breakfast (rare) I’m as likely to drink soda with it as anything.

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I drink coffee constantly from around 7 am to 4 pm during the week. When others are thirsty for soda, I prefer to put on another pot.

I have the sort of job where each year, everybody stays the same age while I get older, and there seems to be a strong age-correlation. When a young undergrad is whinning about needing a Dr. Pepper to wake up, I advise him to call me back when he’s looking for a man’s drink…

What I drink all day depends on the first thing I drink in the morning. More often than not, it’s Coke, because it’s so much easier to pop the top on a can of soda than it is to get a pot of coffee brewing. However, once I’m alive (which is less related to getting caffiene in my system than to just getting around starting the day) I’ll drink “coffee-flavored” coffee, iced tea or more Coke.

My teeth hurt.

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I drink at least three cups every morning. Black, no sugar. I definitely prefer Colombian, but I’ll drink French or Italian roast if necessary. I can’t stand the flavored stuff. I also don’t like cappucino or espresso (yuck!!) and I wouldn’t be caught dead at Starbucks. 7-Eleven makes a nicer pot anyway :slight_smile:

I am a morning coffee drinker, rarely do I drink any kinds of pop. If I do it’s a Diet Coke…nothing else. I can’t stand any other diet soda or any of the sugared variety unless it’s in a drink (aka rum and coke)

Even during the months of summer I must drink my fresh brewed coffee…even if it is Folgers, but I prefer their different blends.

I’ve taken up coffee since I’ve had my current job; I’m a wee bit underworked (sigh) and it helps me stay awake. Fortunately we have a Starbucks nearby, where you can get something barely recognizable as coffee (tall nonfat latte for me!) and still get the caffeine buzz. Starbucks: Coffee for people who don’t like coffee!


I never developed a taste for coffee, but I do take caffeine pills - three every day! Can you say ‘tolerance’?

I’m a freak. I hate coffee and tea. Hate the smell, hate the taste. My mother has to be the only mom in the universe to push caffeine on her kids. I keep resisting her. Of course, it helps that she’s 400 miles away. :smiley:

However, I don’t drink soda in the morning either…unless I’ve got a hangover.

Some drink at the fountain of knowledge…others just gargle.

Stock up now people.

Coffee prices will skyrocket this year.

Bad South American bean crops are going to double prices. (CNN Market report)

Grind my beans, fresh. Have a grinder at work, as well as one at home. Make a pot a day in both places.

Yum Yum.

Caffine doesn’t affect me.

The absence of caffine, though, that really sucks!


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Well, I guess I’ll speak up for the immature, heathen scum. I either drink Diet Coke or iced tea, one or two quarts at a time. Coffee just doesn’t seem like the thing to drink when it’s 97 degrees out.

I guess coffee would be a more efficient way of getting my daily dose of caffiene, but at least no one can sneak the decaf stuff into the pot.

I’ll have pop more often than not. But many times when I have a chance to get a cup of coffee when I first get to work, I’m pretty happy to have it.

Personally, I insist on real cream and real refined sugar. I know people who take a lot of pride in drinking it black, but I don’t take any stock in that nonsense. The guy who first put cream and sugar in coffee was a genius, and I for one don’t propose to be any stupider.

Not the ONLY one. Every time I come home, my parents (both total coffee addicts) ask me “do you still not drink coffee?” My dad especially doesn’t believe that it’s even possible to attend college without being on a constant caffeine high.

Coffee makes me ill - sick to the stomach - so I never drink it. I also rarely drink soda at all, and NEVER in the morning. Yech. I have hot cocoa or herbal tea when I feel like I need a boost.

I like my coffee, I use Irish Cream creamer and sweet-n-low in it. And I have to have a huge mug of it, not one of those whimpy little cups. 20 ounces at a time at least.

Lion, well he’s HAS to have a coke frist thing when he gets up. Hot coke, cold coke it makes no diffrence to him. He’s addicted, I swear he is. The man drinks at least 3 liters of coke a day !

I have to go get my coffee now.

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