Coffee drinkers: would you say YOUR use of caffeine qualifies as an addiction?

Note the empathis on the possessive determiner above. The question isn’t whether caffeine is addictive; it’s whether individual posters judge themselves addicted.

Poll in a minute. Or maybe ten. I need some coffee first.

Completely addicted. Not ashamed of it.

It only becomes an issue when I have to skip coffee for some reason and I get a massive headache as a result. For example, last year I had surgery that wasn’t scheduled until mid-afternoon and I couldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight the day before.

Luckily painkillers AND coffee were on the post-op menu.

Yes. I had to give up coffee for a while last year and I suffered leg cramps for a week or so. That was both embarrassing and depressing. Once it was out of my system I discovered I felt better and wasn’t as tired as I used to be. Yet just weeks later, I went back to it for no good reason. I need to stop abusing coffee.

Are you interested in just the coffee drinkers or anyone else who consumes caffeinated beverages?

Not addicted.
I have 1-3 cups of strong coffee in the morning after waking up, and that’s it unless I go to a restaurant for dinner and have an espresso afterwards.

Don’t drink soda. Occasionally (more likely in summer, and maybe once a week on average) will get a Red Bull or iced frou-frou latte.

Come to think of it, the few people I know who either drink coffee all day, or drink a lot of caffeinated soda are all smokers. And IIRC, I drank more coffee when I was a smoker.

I don’t believe I’m addicted - at least, not to this extent. But I certainly depend upon coffee; while I don’t get headaches without it, I do get “fuzzy” without at least three caffeinated beverages a day. I even find that it helps me sleep - I feel weird and out of sorts at bedtime if I’ve not had any caffeine that day.

Stop pointing out the flaws in my methodology or the hobbit dies.

I’m going to say coffee alone for the poll. People who drink Red Bull & such can comment in the thread, though I’m not teleporting them any pie unless they’re on the Short List.

I can stop any time I want.

I put that I’m addicted to coffe in the way I’m addicted to air: in that, neither one is actual addiction.

I’ve never had any negative consequences in my life because of needing a caffeine fix: I’m not at risk of losing my job, my SO, running out of money, going on the lam a coffee beans, developing a serious disease, nothing. Similarly, my use of air causes no negative impacts on my life, which means I am not addicted.

Dependence is another matter. If I stop drinking caffeine, I get cranky. Big friggin’ deal.

I usually drink a few cups a day… but sometimes I just don’t; can’t say I really notice. Usually none in the evening… unless someone offers, or I’m out to dinner or something; again I can’t say I really notice the caffeine. It’s just a beverage to me.

I can get withdrawal headaches from as little as one cup a day and then going without, so yes, I’m addicted.

I’m 62 and have been drinking at least two cups daily since I was seven or eight. My mother and grandmother thought it was cute. I’m most definitely addicted, recognized it as such when I was in my teens, by which time my daily fix was 4 cups. Still is. Plain old regular generic coffee.

Addicted isn’t the right word, but if you ask if I have withdrawal from coffee when I don’t drink it, the answer is yes. I have one measly 16 oz cup of coffee a day, but if I miss it, I develop a terrible headache.

I used to be addicted to caffeineated sodas… Quit cold turkey… Had the worst headache of my life for one solid week… Now living the decaf life and loving it.

Yes. In the morning I need a caffeinated beverage to fully wake up which indicates that I am in the beginning stages of caffeine withdrawal and therefore addicted.

Ironically given my user name, but not any more. I gave it up for a year, and now only get caffeine when I get a soda in a restaurant. I drink decaf at home and at the office.

I was addicted at one point and had headaches for a few days when I stopped drinking coffee.

I’m addicted to caffeine, but rarely drink coffee. Diet coke is my poison. I absolutely cannot go more than, oh… 10 hours without caffeine. I need a quick swig in the morning, or else I’ll have a wretched headache in short order. I drink 4-5 cans of diet soda a day.

Don’t worry, I didn’t vote in the poll. I’d still take some pie and coffee, though, if you’re feeling generous. :slight_smile:

I drink coffee like a semi burns diesel. I call it Tour Manager Fuel. Today is typical 2 cups from the Keurig, go to the Corporate Coffee shop, order an 8x espresso and black iced tea no water no syrup, read the NYT, go home, make another cup or two while I do the crossword. Then the day begins. In Europe it is worse because the coffee is so darn good, 10 or 12 double espressos every day.

Addict? Yep


I drink anywhere from two to six 10-ounce mugs of coffee a day, but I don’t miss it at all if I skip a day or two. For me, I think it’s more of a psychological routine (cleaning/prepping the coffeemaker, measuring the coffee, experimenting with different brands/roasts) than a biological need.

On the rare occasions I forget to drink any coffee or tea before about 1 pm or so, I end up with a blinding headache that lingers even after I’ve had some caffeine to fix it. So yes, most certainly addicted, and happy to be.