Coffee is banned. Your response?

Public poll, one answer per respondent, no set ending date, Wotan is great.

Eh. I don’t drink the stuff much myself, and it would be fun to watch all the Starbucks junkies twitch for a few weeks. But such an action would kill everybody in the Pacific Northwest, so I’d have to join the Rebellion.

I’d rig my basement up with grow-lights, and open up a speakeasy.

You can pry my coffee from my cold, dead hands - unless I kill you first.

don’t particularly like the smell of coffee, but whatever floats your boat.

I’m with bbrp - either a speakeasy or a bootlegging operation.

I’m not a coffee junkie either - I drink one cup of good, homeade coffee a day, and that’s it. Maybe 2 on some weekends. I don’t live on the stuff, but it’s one of life’s pleasures.


Love the smell of coffee. Don’t drink the stuff.

Shoulda taken my gun first.

“First they came for the coffee drinkers…”

I can put you in touch with Homer Simpson if you need some help setting that up.

I drink coffee sometimes, but tea will do just as well. No big deal for me.

I’m organizing an armed resistance.

Any morning that doesn’t start with two large mugs of coffee (a 4-cup pot) is pre-ordained to end in ugliness. They can take my gun, hell, I don’t like the thing anyhow (I only know how to use it because I believe if you’re going to have firearms in the house, you should know how to use them). But those fuckers cannot have my coffee. They’d better leave me my Half and Half, too. If they left my coffee, took my Half and Half and tried to replace it with “non-dairy creamer” (i.e. Satan’s Sperm, freeze-dried), there will be blood.

Bolding mine. I thought I should point out that you misspelled joining and left out Skald’s, but I forgive you. I was planning on putting you in charge of the mortars.

Ill take a tea, please. I could really go for a cuppa tea… this or maybe or maybe this

One of my few extravagances is tiny quantities of very good teas. I can’t drink, it interferes with my meds, and I only drink coffee now in the morning, and a very occasional expresso before bed so I indulge in a quiet cuppa of good tea with my morning and afternoon snacks.

I prefer my morning beverage to be cold and carbonated, so coffee isn’t my thing.

However, my mother loves coffee. Therefore I will either be defending her for various acts of mayhem she’ll commit in the throes of coffee withdrawal, or smuggling coffee to her. Possibly both.

I don’t drink coffee much and normally go other places for my caffeine fix so it would affect me personally but I would be against the ban.

I would start growing some beans to make some extra money on the side admittedly I’d charge enough that people would dream of the days Starbuck’s reamed them for $6 a cup.

Silly Skald, we don’t live anywhere near each other. I’m handling the northeast front.

Oh, come on, Oak! I was counting on you leading the resistance! I mean, do you really want to trust me to be in charge?

We must coordinate our efforts, daughter of Leto. “If we do not hang together, we shall most assuredly hang separately.” Swear to work under my banner and I will put you in charge of the fleet of helicopter gunships.

Promise me some flamethrowers and we’ll talk.