Coghlan's Camping Stuff, Customer Service thereof

An amusing story, I hope.

I will soon be home for my semi-annual shopping trip. I have made a huge Amazon order to ensure I would have everything waiting for me when I arrive. I ordered two steel mirrors from Coghlan’s through Amazon.

The are for the parrot, not for me.

So I looked at the invoice. Two mirrors, nine bucks. Shipping ten bucks. So I wrote a negative review on Amazon. (This is, I hope where it become interesting.) They sent me a new invoice indicating they would refund half the shipping cost, as they had mis- weighed the mirrors. Fine.

Except I got no refund. Further, the product page for the mirrors I ordered (with my review) was removed and a new product page. Same mirror, lower price, no review. So I copied my poor review to the new page. Guess what? They took that page down and now no longer seem to offer mirrors on Amazon.

I wrote them a nice note asking for my refund. They have not bothered to answer. Too busy changing their product pages to eliminate bad reviews, I suppose.

I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords.

Wow?? That’s interesting. We can guess that it’s SOP. I guess thats one way of keeping your reviews in the positive, Just remove the ones that aren’t. What a petty dishonest trick. Better to do the refund they offered and allow you to post again.

They have not deleted the new mirror yet.

And your original review can be viewed here.

I clicked the “review was helpful” button for both. :wink:

Me too.

Me three.

Removing negative feedback is cheating.

Thank you all, I did not even think of getting votes to draw attention to the problem. You folks are smarter than me. (And may I add so much better looking?) Thanks!

They have just taken down the third product page! How amusing. Really, you would have thought they could have sent me an e-mail by now.

Really makes you think about these customer recommendations doesn’t it? If too many people say negative things, they just pull the page!

Thanks for all the (14) Helpful votes!

(I may have lied. One place on Amazon told me the item was no longer available. Other places tell me it is. It is 23.00 here and past my time for bed. I suspect I made a mistake with my previous post. Sorry.)

Make that 15!

Jeepers! Up to 55 or so votes. I have no idea if or how important that is, but it sure is cool! (I note the top reviewer has several thousand helpful votes.)

Remarkably, they have changed the product page again! I think this is the third time. The new product page is:

For the Coghlans Featherweight Mirror - Featherweight Mirror

Thank you. I found the review most helpful. :wink:

As did I!

Is there anything that can be accomplished by informing Amazon of this crap?

I also found the review(s) to be helpful.