Cognitive-behavioral therapy--how to find a therapist

My husband is finally willing to try different therapy for his depression, but we’re running into problems finding a therapist. We’ve been doing a lot of calling around, to numbers found on sites like

Many aren’t accepting new patients. Some are hesitant to take him because he’s on Medicare even though I’ve told them we are willing to be cash patients, etc.

If you are doing CBT therapy, how did you find a therapist?

And is it working for you?

If anyone knows of a therapist in central Ohio, let me know!

Is has worked very well for me. The website you linked to looks like a small start-up. Go to or

Also consdering buying this book…for much less than the cost of a session he can start therapy tomorrow.:

I tried to get him to read that book, back when he was refusing any and all treatment. I read it and found it very interesting. I should show it to him again.

The problem with the websites (I appreciate the links, btw) is that there aren’t any therapists close to us, which leaves us just wading through name after name without any ability to narrow it down.

I don’t even know if he should be seeing a counselor, therapist, social worker, or psychologist.

I’m not doing CBT therapy, but one reason I’m not is because it worked so well while I was doing it. The way I found my therapist was simple but frustrating. I called a therapist who was covered by my employer. That therapist wasn’t taking new patients, so I asked for a referral. That person was taking new patients, either, so I asked for another referral. The sixth therapist I saw was taking new patients and did an absolutely tremendous job. Of course, finding a therapist to treat depression very nearly triggered a depression. :eek:

Mine wasn’t the easiest strategy, but it did work. Meanwhile, check your PMs.

In our case, I’m doing the seeking and he’s doing the depression. We’re splitting the tasks evenly! :smiley:

I went to a cognitive/behavioral therapist for a while and it was a -huge- help. When I had to find another one for someone else, I was stuck with the same problem as you.

I started calling different psychologists that I found in the phone book, asked them if they did CBT, and if not, did they have any recommendations. Took damn near all morning, but I finally found someone who took cash (instead of insurance), new patients, had a PhD (not just a weekend seminar certificate), and did CBT.

It was frustrating, but it worked.

It appears we may have two options now. One is a psychologist. The other is a research clinic at Ohio State where he would be perhaps a bit of a guinea pig for psychology grad students doing CBT.

My husband thinks the research clinic sounds more interesting. I asked him which he’d have more confidence in and, well, I get the feeling he doesn’t have much confidence in the entire process, so I’m hoping his pessimism won’t doom the whole thing.

Thanks to everyone for your help.