coherence? overrated

Hi! mpsim people. right now i’m microwaving a chiken pot pie. i am hoping that it will taste good. i was at this party. with a keg that was empty when i left. and my “friend with benefits” felt the need to clal an ambulance because of “alcohol poisoning”, whicdh i think is p robalby not the case.
i think people need to take responciblity for their own actions . if you drink too much, don’t calll an abulancme. throw up some, fall asleep, and every thing will be better tyomorrow., ecept your head could hiurt some.
fucking eh. i want to pass out except my food is in hte micro. feeel free to mock me. whatever. i need to get out of this. i need a new life. buh byhe.

These non-folk are fantastic!

As demonstrated–nay, proven–by the OP, coherence is in no way overrated.