oopsie daisies

Let me begin by starting at the end. Of that thread.

In no way was that a ‘someone save me with your magical words from suicide’ type situation, I realize that is likely the reason it was shut down and I apologize for giving that impression.

I stopped in to a bar after the long and extremely hot walk home from work and the live dj turned my one planned beer into about 6 and a few shots.

Generally when I drink and get all (drunkenly) philosophical I have my roommate there to be equally drunk and philosophical, and as I was drinking alone last night, I just needed a place to let drunk me’s mouth go for a run.

Thank you for your understanding. I have never even posted on a message board before and haven’t taken an english class in about 6 years so thank you for tolerating my meh at best writing skillz :slight_smile:

Sincerely, :smack:

I’ve PUI’d a couple times, but nothing like that masterpiece. Drunks are entertaining. At least you warned us in the thread title. If drinking taken as a whole* should ever stop being net-fun feel free to PM me or start a thread for suggestions.

*The being drunk, the spending too much money on drinking, the weight gain, the hangovers, the declining health, the social cost, the problems with the law, etc. etc.