In response to my drunken least I got the right forum!

Yeah, sorry yall about my post a few nights ago. Hahaha, I was really trashed. In theory, when your parents own a bar and as their son, have an unlimited source of free alcohol, it would seem like the best thing in the world. On the contrary…in practice, it is bad news. The alcohol just never stops flowing. ugh…yager bombs… :smack:

Well, I am still recovering from the hang over and it is the night of day 2.

Good to see some senses of humors on this board…and that I wasn’t banned :smiley:


In my experience this board is quite tolerant of drunken posting.
I can honestly say I’ve never been so drunk that it’s taken me two days to recover.
Having said that, I don’t get traditional hangovers. I just wake up still drunk and gradually sober up as the day progresses.


Or is it that bad?

This incoherent mess

That must have been a prodigious quantity of booze…

I want to be you.

This merry little word intrigues me somehow.


From the other thread:

Oh, Ilsa. I laughed so hard I literally had trouble breathing after reading this. Amazing.

I’d just like to say - that is SO cool. :slight_smile:


Oooooh. I like it too.

Yesterdog meet Homer

I can’t find the thread, but there was this one guy who posted while he was on 'shrooms. Beats all the drunken posts hands down.

Terminus Est meet Homer

Holy crap, that was the same guy! :eek:

Yesterdog when I read your original post I felt a whoosh but if you really were that drunk then, um , congratulations?

or something.
never mind