coincidence--or stalker?

About two weeks ago, I had my right front tire slashed at work. I work on the reference desk at a good sized public library, and there have been previously been problems with vandalism in the parking lot; other than a griping a little, I moved on with my life.

Today, at home, I come out of my apartment and to my car, parked along the side of the street with about 30 others. Only my car has been vandalized. Badly. At first I thought the stereo was stolen; luckily, I found I was mistaken. Someone threw a brick through the back windshield, shattering it completely; the brick traveled up to the stereo, did a little damage to the dashboard area, but nothing irreparable.

But you know, I’d almost feel better if the stereo had been stolen–in other words, better if the motif had been pure robbery. After the tire slashing incident, I’m sort of freaked out that someone might just want to do me harm. I’m fairly certain, though, it’s just unfortunate coincidence: I’ve no enemies that I’m aware of, I’ve received no threatening phone calls or emails, etc. Then again, working at a library, sometimes freaks get attached to you–though usually that only happens to women employees. And I can’t think of anyone I might have even come close to pissing off.

Anyone else ever experienced occurrences like this that were just random misfortune? Or worse–occurrences you thought were random but actually had some plotting fiend behind it?

I’ve filed a police report about my car, but in Denver they now just have you do it online–they don’t even want to look at the brick that was used (which I found sitting on the floor board). Unless I think I know who the vandal is, the police don’t want anything to do with me.

I had a neighbour who was stalked by a man she had never met. It turns out he was fixated on her car. :confused: He had even followed her home.

He vandalized it several times until the police caught him (she set up a camera).

It could be a coincidence (dumbass kids horsing around). If anything happens a third time, get the police involved. You never know if there is some road raging loon that you may have inadvertantly cut off in traffic who has put you on his “revenge list” or some nutbar who is after someone else but thinks your car belongs to that person.

A semi-famous quote that applies here:

“The first time, it’s happenstance. The second time, it’s coincidence. The third time, it’s enemy action.”

Don’t know if you’re female or male, but I’d ask for an escort out to the parking lot if you leave at night. Seriously.

This sounds like coincedence to me. But I would change me routine and begain to drive different ways to and from work.

Altering the normal routine is a good idea–and I’ll be doing that. For one, I’ll now be parking behind the apt complex, in the small lot (the reason I hadn’t been doing this before is that it raises the rent by $15/month). The lot is definitely off the street. Also, I’ll be flying home for Christmas in two days, and my car will be at the airport (not the safest place either, though :smiley: )

I very certain its just a coincidence–but you’re right, if something happens a third time, I’ll be nervous enough to see the police about it. Thank you all for your replies.