coke and tooth decay

does anyone know how long it would take to dissolve a tooth placed into a glass of Coke?

Not quite as long as it takes to dissolve the glass.

Darn, I thought this thread was about why crackheads always seem to have no teeth. Oh well. :slight_smile:

See this link for the coke dissolving tooth story…

I believe I was came across this site somewhere on this message board, but I can’t remember who to give the credit too. If you’re out there, you have my gratitude!

In short, then, Coca-Cola will eventually effect teeth through two processes, sugar-caused cavity decay (the same as anything with sugar in it, but less actively than solid food that remains on the teeth in crevices) and phosphoric acid eating enamel.

The fact that orange juice would have a similar effect misses the point; kids and adults drink enough soft drinks to way overwhelm the amount of acidic juices they ingest. My dad’s molars have been gone for years, but this isn’t surprising since he drank upwards of three litres a day. As with anything else, it is excess that causes the problem.