How much coca cola is bad for you?

I, personally, could keep cocacola company in business :smiley:

But, I am worried about the caffiene, sugars; unhealthy?

          * If so, how bad ? *

One cannot drink too much Coca-Cola.

Everyone tells me Coke is bad for me. So I drink Pepsi and Coke. Oddly enough, I get more caffeine, sugar and melted forks comments when I drink Coke than when I drink Pepsi. If there’s a scientific reason to this – I don’t care.

I suppose it’s the old saying – “everything in moderation.”

Yeah. But sometimes moderation is boring.

I recently went to the doctor for my annual physical, and on the info sheet they gave me, it said that carbonated sodas can cause a calcium deficiency in your bones, or something to that effect. I’d asked my doctor if what one of my friends had told me – that caffeine has this effect – was true, and she said she’d only heard it about sodas.

Basically, if you drink a lot of Coke, just make sure to brush your teeth every day (you should anyway, y’know) and take your calcium supplements.

Basically it is the sugar that will go you most harm.

And that is due to rotting your teeth and unneeded calories

[translations Coke = Fat and Toothless]

I have been on Caffine since I was in the 2nd grade. Since Nov 1st I haven’t had any. I really don’t notice any difference. I had no trouble quitting and I don’t miss it.

there’s a lot of phosphorus in coke. Too much of that can be bad, and it can leach important nutrients (calcium, I think? maybe).

Also, Coke will melt your fillings. And if you leave a live mouse in a cup of coke, in the morning he’ll have dissolved completely.

Colas are flavored with phosphoric acid, which can only be metabolized by using up calcium. This calcium is drawn from the blood. If the calcium levels in the blood are too low, your nervous system won’t work. So, the body will draw calcium from the bones to keep the blood levels high enough.

I couldn’t tell you how much calcium is lost from metabolizing a can of Coke. Maybe someone else could?

Perhaps I’m being undully harsh here, jb_farley, but do you by any chance have a cite for either of those claims? Or did you consider them so obviously true that they didn’t need any verification?

You can check out the section on Coca-Cola lore.

I believe that if you dropped a live mouse into a cup of Coke (and sealed it, so it won’t crawl out I presume), the next morning, you will have a soggy, drowned, dead mouse on your hands.

I’d like to get a cite on the whole dissolving live mouse thing, just to know who actually performed this experiment (assuming it’s not you, which i suppose it very well could be). That whole cruelty towards animals thing would come into play with such a study, i’d think. However, imagining the thought process leading to such an experiment is pretty funny.
“Today we shall study the effects of coke on a plastic fork after having been submerged for a period of twelve hours.”
“Um, excuse me Doctor, but wouldn’t a mouse just be a whole lot more fun?”


Don’t forget the rusted nail:D.

[mad panicky rush to cupboard]

[pull out six 2 litre bottles]



wait a sec…

‘cannot drink too much Coca-Cola’…

does that mean I can’t drink too much as in I should drink a lot…

or does it mean I had better not drink too much?

[still standing stupefied and confused at counter, wondering what to do]

If you can manage to drink somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred cans of Coke within the space of an afternoon, you’ll probably die of a caffeine overdose.


I suspect that whatever amount of Coke ™inspires a newbie to post a large volume of inane threads in a very short space of time probably qualifies as “too much” and “bad for you”.

Words to live by!

a cite? Yes of course I’ve got cites. But I left all my books on the train today, so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

The Big Soda industrial powrs don’t want you to know how corrosive and deleterious their product is. They quash any kind of research- like the kind I am funding and investigating myself- most of which finds Big Soda (or PEPSICOKE!) responsible for mind control, transgenic soda syndrome, racial unrest, and asteroids. At the very least.

[insert long rant, frequently laspsing into ungrammatical fits and rampant misspelling, about New Coke and the multinational conspiracy to replace cane sugar with corn syrup]

Of course you won’t belief me. You are a small, hatefilled people.


Ha ha, get it? It’s a joke.

As with anything that is packed with sugar, Coke isn’t the best thing for your teeth. (Although, judging from the amount of sugar I see people putting in the morning lattes and coffees these days, you may be better off with the Coke!) I don’t really care for sweets (chocolate, hard candy, donuts, etc.) and was amazed to find that I had a few cavities during my last visit to the dentist. He seemed to think that it was due to my high soft drink (in particular Coke) intake coupled with poor nighttime dental hygiene.

As was my response, my guacamole-flavoured friend. But no, getting back on to the topic at hand, I’ve heard of all of those silly reports about coke dissolving teeth in a week or whatever and I’d just like to say this-I’ve been drinking coke since my parents foolishly gave me a sip around the age of probably eight. Since then, I have probably drank enough coke to refill the mississippi if it should ever run dry. Let me tell you, it’s been nine years of coke, with nary a day gone by where I havent killed off my weight in coke. Any adverse health affects? Hell no. My teeth are just fine. I do not have an ulcer. And as a final word on my part, I’d test out the coke dissolving nail thing myself, but let’s face it-a dish of coke left in my room would not last twenty minutes, let alone twelve hours. that, and I’ve no desire to swallow a rusty nail (or a partially dissolved mouse!).


Hundred cans a day until your third heart attack?